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Skills Maintenance – For Electrical Licence Renewal

Skills Maintenance – For Electrical Licence Renewal

Registered electricians and Restricted Electrical Licence holders: This non-accredited course meets the Electrical Safety Office requirements, for a registered electrician to apply for a renewal of your Electrical Licence. This course will provide you have current skills in electrical safety legislation, risk management, testing, further understanding and use of electrical equipment.

Who can do it?

Students are required to be Trade registered Electrician or to hold a Restricted Electrical Licence prior to attending this training course.

This training course has been specifically designed for holders of a current or expired electrical licence. This course is an in-depth program aiming to refresh and update your knowledge so that you can reapply for your electrical licence, whilst ensuring that you follow safe practices and are aware of any changes within the legislation of Queensland.

What will I get from this program?

This training program is an interactive and in-depth approach for skills maintenance – electrical renewal. It is important to continue to stay on top of industry changes whilst building your knowledge further in the electrical industry. The training program will work to give you a new understanding of electrical practices, making you eligible to renew or maintain your electrical licence.

All of our trainers have been electricians for over 20 years and are still working in the industry, also enabling you to build your network and interact directly with those working alongside with you in the industry, in a non-competitive manner.

Do you want to know about job opportunities? Here are some through completing and maintaining your Restricted Electrical Licence.

Delivery mode

The student are to complete the online training with 1 day onsite at Bizmatrix training centre.

Course dates

Dates arranged between you and your trainer – Skills Maintenance
CPR/LVR optional training


Ask us for upcoming training dates – Skills Maintenance for Restricted Electrical licence holders



Full information pack can be found here!

Skills Maintenance – 1 Day Training Course $495 + GST Selection 1
CPR/LVR Training – Afternoon session $90 GST FREE Selection 2

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