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Advanced Type B Gas Course – BRISBANE 2017


CPCPPS5001B Design industrial gas systems

Advanced Type B Gas Course – BRISBANE 2017

CPCPPS5001B Design industrial gas systems specifies the outcomes required to design industrial gas systems in compliance with Industrial Equipment Code (IEC) requirements, including the design of valve trains, interlocks, pipework and equipment.

Who can do it?

Those who are currently working in the Type B Gas sector, who are Type B gas authorised or Restricted Type B gas licenced and have completed CPCPGS4023B or equivalent. Those employed in the industry, that are required to design, complete and submit the following:

  •  Type B gas submissions
  •  Required to approve Type B gas submissions
  •  Work on advanced Type B gas systems
  •  Create advanced industrial specifications


There are no pre-requisites for the unit CPCPPS5001B Design industrial gas systems. It is highly recommended before undertaking this course the participant has:

  •  Completed CPCPGS4023B Install, Commission and Service Type B Gas Appliances or an equivalent unit.
  •  And/or has evidence of, or equivalent install, commissioning and servicing of Type B gas appliances
  •  Has solid knowledge of electrical gas control systems
  •  Recognition of prior learning (RPL) consideration will be given to participants who may be eligible for it
  •  Evidence for RPL will be required prior to the commencement of this course. Additional costs may apply for the RPL process.

Application form and information here.

Delivery mode

The course is completed over a two (2) month period, commencing with a five (5) day onsite training period, supported by an E-Learning training system. After training, you will have two months to complete your portfolio of work, which will be a project as assigned in the first step. After the two-month period, the student will submit the portfolio in the final three (3) day training period.

  • Step-1- Five (5) days face to face delivery – with E-Learning support
  • Step-2- Complete a portfolio of work- Project (within 2 months)
  • Step 3- Three (3) days finalisation training face to face

Course code

CPCPPS5001B Design industrial gas systems

Units covered

CPCPPS5001B Design industrial gas systems

Course dates


Step one:

Day 1: Monday 16th January 2017

Day 2: Tuesday 17th January 2017

Day 3: Wednesday 18th January 2017

Day 4: Thursday 19th January 2017

Day 5: Friday 20th January 2017


Step two:

Project review: To be announced

Project due date: TBA


Step three:

Day 6: TBA

Day 7: TBA

Day 8: TBA


CPCPPS5001B Design industrial gas systems
Early bird (if application is sent 20 days prior)
$4,700 GST Free 1
CPCPPS5001B Design industrial gas systems
Standard price (if registering after early bird cut off)
$4,900 GST Free 2

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