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CPC32713 Certificate III in Gas Fitting (Interim Gas Licence)


CPC32713 Certificate III in Gas Fitting (Interim Gas Licence)

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This course will enable participants to install, alter, remove, repair, service and test type A domestic and commercial appliances under supervision, after applying for and being granted their interim gas work licence.

Who can do it?

The course is open to non-tradespersons or licensed tradespersons within the plumbing, electrical, mechanical, electronics, metal work, refrigeration and air-conditioning fields, who are required to work on and install, commission and service Type A gas appliances, gas pipework for Type A gas appliances, reticulated gas supplies including gas cylinders/gas tanks, mobile and portable caravans and marine installations.

  • Qualified plumbers who hold a current Queensland plumbing licence are exempt from the plumbing units of training course.
  • For more details see notes from QLD Department of Natural Resources and Mines for details on what the licence entails and what is needed to obtain interim licence, found here QLD Gas Work Licence Notes 2011.

What are Type A gas appliances? 

Type A Gas is used for commercial and domestic gas appliances, where a gas certified scheme exists. Often there is a program to test and certify the same type of appliance for mass production.

Commercial gas appliances 

Gas deep fryers, six burner gas ranges, gas ovens, gas combi-ovens, gas steamers, salamanders, churrascos, paella gas grills, BBQ grills.

Display flames, gas fired bain-marie, salamanders, teppanyaki grills, tandoor cookers, naan bread cookers, large brat pans, gas steam jacketed cookers, steaming ovens and gas fired toaster ovens

Domestic Gas Appliances

Gas cookers, gas cooktops, domestic BBQ, gas stoves, gas hot water systems like Bosch Hot Water, Rheem gas hot water units, Rinnai Hot Water units.



  • Applicants who hold a Trade Licence may apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL), their application for RPL will be passed by a BIZMATRIX assessor.

Delivery mode

The CPCP32173 Certificate III in Gas Fitting is delivered through in class practical with E-learning to be completed prior to training

Here’s a short video outlining the training process for the Certificate III in Gas Fitting:


Course code


Forms and information here

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you believe you are eligible for recognition of prior learning, such as having completed work similar to Certificate III in Gas Fitting units in another trade or if you are a plumber, you may be eligible for RPL.


All students applying for RPL must complete the attached form, this is so that we can have a clear understanding of your experience. Sending through your qualifications is not enough, completion of kit is mandatory. Completing this application means that you will be able to complete the course in less time and potentially with a discount.
Please note there may be fees involved for reviewing your RPL kit, otherwise if you would like to have a face-to-face consultation with one of our team members there is an RPL review fee of $900.

For more information about how to complete the RPL kit, see our example kit here.

Post Gas Training

After student completes one year on their interim licence, students are required to complete four more training units which can be found here, these units are not included in this course and are part of the Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services however are mandatory to be completed so that students can receive their full open gas licence.

Course commencements dates – Enrolment open for 2016

Further course information and application sheets here.

Units covered

Stage 1 CPCPCM2041A Work effectively in the plumbing and services sector
CPCPCM2039A Carry out interactive workplace communication
CPCPCM2043A Carry out WHS requirements
HLTFA211A Provide basic emergency life support
CPCPGS3052A Maintain Type A gas appliances
CPCPGS3051A Purging consumer piping
CPCPGS3053A Disconnect and reconnect Type A appliances
CPCPGS3054A Calculate and install natural ventilation for Type A appliances
Stage 2 CPCPGS3061A Install and commission Type A gas appliances
CPCPCM2040A Read plans and calculate plumbing quantities
CPCPCM2045A Handle and store plumbing materials
CPCPCM2046A Use plumbing hand and power tools
CPCPCM2047A Carry out levelling
CPCPCM2048A Cut and join sheet metal
CPCPCM2050A Mark out materials
CPCPGS3049A Install Type A gas appliance flues
CPCPCM3021A Flash penetrations through roofs and walls
CPCCCM2008B Erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding
CPCPCM2052A Weld using oxy-acetylene equipment
CPCCCM2053A Weld using arc welding equipment
CPCPCM2049A Cut using oxy-LPG-acetylene equipment
Stage 3 CPCPCM3022A Weld polyethylene and polypropylene pipes using fusion
CPCPCM2055A Work safely on roofs
CPCPCM3023A Fabricate and install non-ferrous pressure piping
CPCPGS3048A Install gas pressure control equipment
CPCPGS3056A Install gas piping systems
CPCPGS3057A Size consumer gas piping systems
CPCPGS3055A Install subsidiary gas meters
Stage 4 CPCPGS3059A Install LPG storage of aggregate storage capacity up to 500 litres
CPCPGS3060A Install LPG storage of aggregate storage capacity exceeding 500 litres and less than 8KL
CPCPGS3046A Install LPG systems in caravans, mobile homes and mobile workplaces
CPCPGS3047A Install LPG systems in marine craft

Course dates

CPC32713 Certificate III in Gas Fitting Course

Next training course dates FGL-2-2017:

Day 1: Tuesday 7th March 2017
Day 2: Thursday 9th March 2017
Day 3: Thursday 23rd March 2017
Day 4: Friday 24th March 2017  – Last day enrolments will be  taken
Day 5  – 9: Monday 19th June to Friday 23rd June 2017
Day 10 – 14: Monday 3rd July to Friday 7th July 2017
Day 15 – 20: Monday 24th July to Friday 28th July 2017


Next dates:
Day 1: Wednesday 23rd August 2017
Day 2: Thursdy 24th August 2017
Day 3: Wednesday 30th August 2017
Day 4: Thursday 31st August 2017
Day 5 – 9: Monday 25th September to Friday 29th September 2017
Day 10 – 14: Monday 16th October to Friday 20th October 2017
Day 15 – 19: Monday 6th November to Friday 10th November 2017



CPC32713 Certificate III in Gas Fitting Standard Course $7,900 GST FREE

Ask us about payment plans available! 

Option 1
CPC32713 Certificate III in Gas Fitting Early bird pricing course (30 days before training commences) $7,300 GST FREE Option 2
If you have already completed Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service Certificate III in Gas Fitting Standard Course $5,900 GST FREE Option 3
If you have already completed Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service CPC32713 Certificate III in Gas Fitting Early bird pricing course $5,300 GST FREE Option 4

Point of difference

Bizmatrix CPC32713 Certificate III in Gas Fitting is a full qualification, therefore upon successful completion students will be given a nationally accredited Certificate III in Gas Fitting. Beware that many other training organisations only offer a record of results for units complete and not a full Certificate III.

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