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5 Ways to Make More Money!

5 Ways to Make More Money!

Making more money can be as simple as making a few adjustments towards your business. Here are 5 ways to make more money in the gas and electrical industry.

1. Provide more than just gas

As a gas fitter, you can look at also offering services in electrical or plumbing. Cross skilling is a great way to make more money because often when a client needs work done, they have more than one issue that needs fixing. You can learn to upskill by completing a short course in gas, electrical or plumbing, for example the Test and Tag training is a great place to start.

2. Use technology & mobile responsiveness

Keep up with the technological generation and make sure your business has an online presence.

Sounds pretty simple right?

Well many gas and electrical tradies are totally forgetting about the online world. Set up a website or a Facebook page and start there! Bizmatrix can provide you with a consultation about how to build your online presence, call us now (1300 588 749).

3. Cross promote

Use companies that compliment or require your services to cross promote, so your customers and their customers have a direct referral point to find further services that they do not offer.

For example, a caravan repair specialist/gas fitter might cross promote with a mechanic/panel beater – so the caravan repairer fixes all internal appliances while the mechanic/panel beater fixes all exterior problems. This is working with someone who compliments what you do, much like a brother/sister agreement.

4. Take on an Apprentice

One you have an apprentice working for you, they can receive funding for further training they require. For example the Certificate III in Gas fitting offers funding to both the apprentice and the employer, to enable them to work and learn.

5. Sell working appliances

Gas and electrical products are forever in demand. Look at becoming a supplier for your clients who need these products. For example, Bizmatrix sell gas and electrical appliances to our students to enable them to use up to date appliances in the work place, see more here. However are a gas service man you could look at selling replacement appliance you are fixing for your clients.

What are your best tips and ways to make more money as a tradesperson? Comment below and tell us about it.


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