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5 Ways Trade Workers Can Do Less & Earn More!

5 Ways Trade Workers Can Do Less & Earn More!

Are you one of those gas fitters who believe that a 70 hour work week is the key to success? Does time get the best of you, but you figure, it’s the only way to deal?

Go ahead and tell me that you can sell gas appliances, plumbing services, test and tag work and a kitchen sink and that you will make more revenue, but how many hours are you working to do this, and is this really what you are good at?

Well I’m here to tell you about a little secret, work smarter, not harder.

In the trade industry, it can be extremely easy to become a YES -MAN and go ahead with every single job – big or small, that you receive, however sometimes, the key to success is saying a two letter word…. NO!

The power of saying no is underestimated, and sometimes you have to think; how many little jobs have you tried to complete that have wasted hours of your time, that with a little bit of clearer communication or a better understanding of what was involved, could have been solved through you saying no in the first place?

So here are five things you too can do to earn more and do less.


Step 1. Prioritise and focus on the highest-income activities.

You’ve got to prioritise and have a clear understanding of where you are losing time. We all have 24 hours in a day, yet those who get ahead, know exactly how to utilise every hour effectively. Making money in less time comes down to cutting out the unnecessary tasks, it may be the smallest things that make the biggest impact – Ask yourself right now what are the high income and impact activities you could do right now to move your business forward today?


Step 2. Set yourself specific and measurable goals.

Try and get really specific on your goals and the type of life you want to be living. Figure out how much money you want to be making and what level of activity do you want to have in your business? Now, imagine other gas fitters and electricians who are already performing at that level.

What do they do that is different from you? Have a clearer understanding of, what tasks are you currently doing, that they delegate?


Step 3. Know your strengths and do more of them.

Gaining a deeper understanding about yourself is something that surprisingly, a lot of people don’t have. Tell me, can you quickly list off your 5 strongest attributes? The ability to know what areas you excel in is key, because from that, you can try and find more work in this area. This will help you build up a strong portfolio of work, resulting in a higher income through more industry authority and a strong track record of experience.


Step 4. Build a network of mentors.

Those who you surround yourself with, are a reflection on you. Jim Rohn said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Who are your five? What kind of life are they currently living?If you want to take your business to the next level and free up more time, it is so important to surround yourself with mentors who are already living that lifestyle and can guide you along the way.


Step 5. Work on your self improvement – professional development.

Your mind is your greatest asset as long as you learn how to leverage it appropriately. Aim to read or write something new daily so that you are constantly challenging yourself. Block out the first 30 minutes and last 30 minutes of every day reading something positive that will expand your mind and enhance your skillset.

Remember that your business can grow only as much as you allow it to, and that growth is determined by you! Bizmatrix will be running bite size E-Courses about building your business. You can sign up here now by emailing info@bizmatrix.edu.au

Don’t miss out on becoming the best you can be!


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