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6 Job Opportunities from Certificate III Gas Fitting

6 Job Opportunities from Certificate III Gas Fitting

Do you want to expand your career? Looking for a change of pace?

After completing the Certificate III in Gas Fitting, your job opportunities can double, leaving you with a brighter future ahead. So lets take a look in detail about where exactly this course can lead you and how your career can benefit from completing the Certificate III in Gas Fitting.

Here are just 6 of the many job opportunities on offer after completing the Certificate III in Gas Fitting.

1. Gas Fitter

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer. Becoming a Type A domestic and commercial gas fitter opens up a world of opportunity, enabling you to start a new career but also upskill in the future to Type B industrial gas work, because the balls in your court now!

2.  Start your own gas service business

Now’s your time to fly solo and start your own business! You can open your own business in gas servicing, appliance installation and more. Read about our business tips here and with you complete guide to starting your own business.

3. Work as a supervisor or manager

Places like Curtis Island and Central Queensland are always looking for managers and supervisors to be in charge of the operations undertaken to expand the mining, gas and oil industry. Take a look at Seek.com or Australia Recruit for opportunities available. 

4. Become a Type B Gas Fitter

Once you have knowledge in Type A, it is much easier to upskill to Type B gas, which means that you can install, commission and service Type B Gas appliances, found in industrial environments. Take a look at training courses on offer to make the transition.

5. Become a Gas trainer (complete a course in Training & Assessment)

Always had a passion for education? Complete the Certificate in Training and Assessment course and become a gas trainer, change the world and share your knowledge.

6. Gas Sales Manager

With experience in gas, you can work in appliance sales for companies like Goldstein Eswood and more!


Most gas fitting jobs require you to move around – going directly to your clients, which in result offers flexibility and a forever changing working week. As we have explained, there are a number of areas that require trained gas fitters to work in, therefore upon completion of this course you will soon recognise a world of opportunities opening up to you.

To find out how you can take the Certificate III in Gas Fitting course, otherwise if you’re looking at taking an an apprenticeship course, Bizmatrix offer full funding in this course too.


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