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Additional Type B Gas Course Added!

Additional Type B Gas Course Added!

Are you looking at completing the Type B Gas Course, and perhaps just missed the cut off date for the July program? Great news, we have added another program to July, see dates below.

Next course:
Week 1: Monday 25th July to Friday 29th July 2016
Week 2: Monday 8th August to Friday 12th August 2016


The Type B Gas course is an interactive program which covers installing, commissioning and servicing Type B Gas appliances. Upon successful completion of this program, provided you hold minimum restricted electrical permit, you are able to apply for a Type B Gas Authorisation, enabling you to work on Type B Gas appliances.

This program is made up of ten days onsite plus another two days of pre-course E-Learning.

If you’re looking at completing this training program, we are now taking applications.

>>>> Sign up here now or call us on 1300 588 749 <<<<


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