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Funding for Certificate III in Gas Fitting

Funding for Certificate III in Gas Fitting

Do you think you’re too old to complete an apprenticeship?


Did you know that your employer will receive up to $4000 worth of potential funding if you are under 25 years of age OR if you are are over 25 years of age, your employer is potentially eligible for another $4,000 in funding!

Upskill by earning and learning now!

Bizmatrix and Apprenticeship Support Australia have recently partnered together in conjunction with User Choice funding to provide funding and an apprenticeship program.

Benefits of completing an apprenticeship for your Certificate III in Gas Fitting?

Complete funding for the training therefore $0 costs involved for training.

Your employer will receive $1,500 upon your commencement plus another $2,500 for your completion.


Who should apply?

If you already have an employer and would like to gain your Certificate III in Gas Fitting.

Whether you have experience or not, the Certificate III in Gas Fitting trains you from the ground up. If you are wanting to become a gas fitter, now is your chance.


When should I apply?

Today! You can apply any time for Certificate III in Gas Fitting Apprenticeship program.


What is the purpose and meaning of the term “potentially funding/potential funding” mean?

Potentially funding is determined by the following things:

  • Recommencements
  • Citizenship
  • Owner of company varies funding opportunities

How much does the Apprenticeship and Certificate III in Gas Fitting cost?


For training requirements, there are no costs involved however you will need to purchase Australia Codes & Standards to commence work and enable you to complete training. All other text books, student manuals and assessments are included.


How can I apply?

Contact Bizmatrix on info@bizmatrix.edu.au or 0457 595 888 now! Otherwise contact Madeline at Apprenticeship Support Australia.

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