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Australian Domestic Gas Outlook Conference 2015

Australian Domestic Gas Outlook Conference 2015

In 2015 leaders will come together to discuss the Australia Domestic Gas Outlook at the annual conference in Sydney.

Conference dates are from 23 – 26 March 2015 and it will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney. The three day conference will address eight topics in the gas industry that are proving the be the most critical challenges at the moment including:

  • Monitoring global gas market developments and examining their domestic implications
  • Around the grounds – examining the prospects for Australia’s basins
  • Analysing the outlook for gas demand, supply and price across Australia
  • Understanding how domestic gas use is changing in response to current market conditions
  • Discovering opportunities for Australia to maximise the potential of its vast gas resources
  • Creating a regulatory nirvana – reducing approval times, fostering investment and maintaining environmental rigour
  • Re-engineering public perception to improve relations with domestic stakeholders
  • The east coast gas market – supply options and demand dynamics
These implications will be spoken about in depth throughout the three days.

Industry stakeholders and representatives will gather together to discuss the future of domestic gas in Australia. Discussion topics include understanding the variety of critical energy security, policy and pricing issues for domestic gas stakeholders. This year will be the first time CSG to LNG project developers its first gas from Queensland, which has also caused a number of implications for the Australia domestic marketing.

If you’d like more information about the Australia Domestic Gas Outlook please see the Quest website here.

Will you be attending next years conference? What do you think about the eight critical challendes that will be addressed at the conference?


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