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It is not uncommon to reach a certain period of your life and be ready for a change.

When we realise that the job we’ve worked in for the past 20 years has become stale and monotonous.

It’s time to do something different.

Becoming a gas fitter is a popular career change for many tradespeople.

What is so promising about the gas course, is that it provides a full career path.

It takes students with minimal gas experience, to be able to work as a full gas fitter within a few years.

It could be that you have an existing electrical licence, refrigeration, plumber and or mechanical fitters and you would like to expand your qualifications to include Gas service and or Installation of Gas systems and appliances. This is could be the pathway.

So if you’re thinking about making a change, or maybe you’d like to upskill, this career pathway may be for you.

If you’re ready for a total career transformation…

The Certificate III in Gas Fitting, when it comes to timeframe and requirements, is one of the best education programs in comparison to all of the other trades.

Unlike plumbing or electrical, The Certificate III in gas fitting can be completed without an apprenticeship, there is no four-year apprenticeship that you have to endure to come out with a qualification.

Simply complete 19 days of training over 6-12 month period and three-five days of eLearning, then gain your interim licence.

During the training period & the interim period, you will be required to complete a practical experience logbook hours and get signed off for jobs.

During the interim period, you will then need to return to complete another eight days of face to face training and two online subjects a total of four Certificate IV subjects to complete the gas training.

Once you have passed your final training and completed your logbooks/ Practical experience, you will be eligible to apply for your Full Gas Work Licence.

Take a look at the Certificate III in gas fitting process in more detail here.

If you would like the funding system, then there is an option for the Certificate III in gas fitting apprenticeships – more details here 


Each of these three options provides a promising outlook for those within a trade, or any other industry to be able to change their career path and experience something new. If you would like to chat about your career, or what it takes to complete a gas course, contact us now.

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