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Bizmatrix trainers become students: A day in the life

Bizmatrix trainers become students: A day in the life

As part of our continuous improvement as a training institute, every few months one of Bizmatrix trainers spend a day taking part in our courses as a student, to integrate their course knowledge and to actively assess all areas that Bizmatrix needs to improve on.
As part of our self-assessment for both the courses and other trainers, this is an effective way to evaluate what the courses are lacking or excelling in.

This month was Robert Kaiser’s turn, who took part in the Type B Gas Course, assessing and reviewing all areas so that next round of training courses are even better. Rob participated and watched the Type B Gas Course progress over the two weeks of training and effectively assessed all points offered in the training course.

Changes were brought to light offering a fresh perspective and point of view for our Type B Gas trainers, resulting in strengthening our training courses and expanding our opportunities as one of the leading gas and electrical training organisations in Queensland.

Does your business complete internal assessments and continuous improvement? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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