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Bizmatrix Training: The Difference

Bizmatrix Training: The Difference

Bizmatrix are a privately owned, registered training organisation offering nationally accredited training throughout Australia. Specialising in gas and electrical training for those looking to up-skill or enter the gas industry, Bizmatrix offer tailored training, with a strong practical approach developed from years of experience in the trade industry. As the gas and electrical industry becomes increasingly competitive, Bizmatrix are sure to keep on top of our competitors, but what exactly is the difference between Bizmatrix and our competitors and how do we provide value for price?

The extra mile

Bizmatrix provides a total package with no hidden costs or process. Any extra fees incurred are outlined when signing up along with what is included. If you have any questions please contact the Bizmatrix team.

Competitors: Many of our competitors are either not Registered Training Organisations or do not provide books and training facilities onsite. This means that they are able to charge less, however there are many more fees involved after training is completed for the student.

What is included in Bizmatrix training?

As Bizmatrix are a Registered Training Organisation, upon successful completion of training, we provide your Statement of Attainment or Certificate, along with all forms required for submission to the application body in your state to receive your license. We provide all instructions and are here to guide you through your application so that it is a flawless and simple process. On site we also offer extra copies of textbooks for training if required – providing you with a small library of supporting information.

Competitors: Many competitors outsource this process or cannot provide you with a Statement of Attainment or Certificate. This means you may have to wait up to six months after completing training to recieve your Qualification.


Private social networking system

Bizmatrix have a private social networking system available to all students so that for many years to come you have the opportunity to stay in contact with us. If ever you have a technical question or even just want to say ‘Hello!’ students can readily access and contact us through our private instant-messaging system.

Type B Specific Training

Bizmatrix offer a pre-course training package prior to signing up which includes a Gas Training text book, manuals and assessments. This is a great way to build a base of knowledge.

At the Brisbane training campus we offer lunch daily for the Type B Gas students, due to it being an intensive course.

The 10 days of training is all inclusive of your fee’s

Voyage of Discovery™: This text book is unique to Bizmatrix and can be used for many years to come as a guide when completing on site Type B work. It includes fundamental information, key concepts and equations that you may forget when you arrive onsite. This book provides complete guidance and frequently asked questions so if ever you are unsure of something; you have a quick reference point.

Restricted Electrical

Through offering E-Learning training, Bizmatrix provide you with a fast-tracked learning approach. This means that you can spend less time onsite and more time working on site with your current employer or in a work experience scenario.

Gas Training

Our Type A Gas training courses have been condensed so that you do not need to spend months completing training. In just three months you are able to complete your Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service course.

Do you have any questions for Bizmatrix about our upcoming training courses? If so please contact one of our friendly staff today.

It is important to understand the difference between training courses on offer and how you can benefit from doing further research into training courses between different organisations.

Education is for a lifetime, so make a worthwhile investment in your education today!


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