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BIZNEWS- DECEMBER 2018 The future trades are here ! Future proof trades – Electrical and gas are safe ! Cruise Ships with Gas as a fuel !

BIZNEWS- DECEMBER 2018 The future trades are here ! Future proof trades – Electrical and gas are safe ! Cruise Ships with Gas as a fuel !

Biz-News- The Christmas Edition
The future is here !

Future proof trades – Electrical and gas are safe !
Ships with Gas as a fuel !
and more ……

The holiday season is literally a few weeks away. It seems it was only yesterday that we saw in the 2018 year, doesn’t time fly.
I am not certain if it because we are getting older but life seems to be getting faster!
I am fortunate to be able to write this edition from Rome, at the end of my vacation with my wife,Lorella.

Like Ships in the night ( Natural Gas Ships)

During our travels through Italy, Greece and Croatia we noticed many changes from only 6 years ago, the biggest change , the countries doing everything  to be more environmentally friendly.
From separating the the rubbish into recyclables, many more electric cars and electric motor bikes, many more recharge points.
Which spurred me to write an article on how the future could see a need for new types of trades and qualifications not even thought of , like the need for Restricted electrical for the repairs of electric motor bikes and cars including the recharge points , new style appliances like the new Induction cooking systems, seen on the Pacific Princess cruise ship, that cooked many of our meals.

The Blog on Restricted electrical for repairs and service of Electrical motor bikes.
If you’re a gas fitter, then be assured gas is here to stay.
While I was on a well deserved vacation in Europe. I asked  David Williamson Bizmatrix Senior Gas trainer if he could attend the AGA conference , where they covered the future of gas, David reported back with  the following , that there were several pilot programs in Europe with of the use of hydrogen as a stand-alone fuel and the possibilities of injecting with natural gas .

The advantage of hydrogen zero carbon emissions. Also whilst I was cruising the Greek Islands on the Pacific Princess ( Oh  yes did you know the Love Boat was based on the Pacific Princess ) the Captain announced  that the Princess Cruise lines  were building and launching five new ships for 2020 , the exciting part of the news is that the ships will be dual fuels.

One of the fuels  natural gas, I am not certain if the Natural gas will be LNG or CNG .

Intelligas  in Brisbane , runs a mobile CNG gas pipeline, basically Double B –

Tankers re-fuel  to a refiling plant for mining trucks CNG pods .

Gas is still the preferred cooking energy, due to is flexibility, low carbon emissions , that could get to zero if there was hydrogen as a gas, economical for installation  and consumption and lets face it I could not imagine having an electric BBQ or the local Chinese using an electrical induction WOK – Wok on – wait for the element to heat up!

Were on the road again in 2019.

It’s been a frantic and successfully 2018 year for the Bizmatrix team, where we travelled for the first time to Darwin with our first ever Type B gas course in Darwin, we were back in Sydney at our new training Centre at Campbelltown where we hosted several restricted gas service courses and Type B gas training courses.
2019 we are back again in Sydney and Canberra for Gas service Licence courses and the Sydney with the e-learn precourses to the  seven day practical Type B gas course.

What was new this year,

  • in Gas Licencing Queensland – the expired gas Licence Trade test and field experience course
  • Restricted electrical licenses new restricted Licence additions for plumbers and gas fitters. All water heaters and plugs and Cords can be included.
  • Restricted Electrical for Mechanical fitters, only disconnect and reconnect .

No Call of Trade Restricted Electrical ( only 3 years)

Good  news for anyone seeking to get a  restricted electrical licence who has NO call of trade but has industry experience
Now only require 3 years of trade experience.

Milan ITALY Starbucks – Type B gas Coffee Roaster

While I was in Milan Italy, I stumbled on a Starbucks, and better still there was a big Type B gas coffee roaster front and centre of the Starbucks. Now at this point you are probably wondering why I would even think of going to have a coffee in a Starbucks in Italy , where the choice is endless !

If you have an espresso at a bar standing up in Italy , you pay around 70 euro cents to 1 euro , if you sit down then it doubles in cost –

In the Starbucks , I had to try the cappuccino, it was around 5.50 Euro ( yes I sat down and sipped it very slowly it was worth it,!

The Christmas period is a good time to also complete any study or courses you don’t get the time to complete.throughout the year. Plus much of the theory can be completed online prior to attending many of our courses.Our office will be closed only from the 22nd December 2018- through to the 7th January 2019. We will be answering any registrations or enquiries during this period.

On behalf of the whole team and myself we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Safe Vacations and Happy New Year, we look forward to another fantastic year.Hope you enjoyed this edition,

Darrel Vecchio CEO


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