Bizmatrix cancellation policy is as per the following:

Please note when referred to ‘days’, this constitutes business days – not including weekends.


Participants are required to pay fees for their training as per the Booking Confirmation and Invoice. Should a participant cancel or withdraw, they may be entitled to a refund as detailed in our Refund Policy, however cancellation fees still apply.
For full time participants, each installment is required two weeks prior to commencement of each training session. If the payment is not received by the due date, a first notice will be sent to the participant advising that payment is required within 1 week.

Other Charges
Replacement of academic record $30
Appeal against final assessment (refundable) $50
Late payment of tuition fees $50/week

Bizmatrix reserves the right to cancel onsite training up to 7 days prior to commencement of training program.

• the course has been cancelled by BIZMATRIX;
• a participant completing practical only training withdraws for any reason more than 14 days before the commencement of the program, provided they have not accessed E-Learning, less an Administration Charge of 10% of the fees;
• a participant withdraws within cooling off period less an Administration Charge of 20% of the fees;
• when illness or disability prevents the participants from taking up the program;
• when death of a close family member (parent, sibling, spouse or child) occurs; or
• when other special or extenuating circumstances prevent the participants from taking up the program, and which may be accepted for a full of partial refund at the discretion of the CEO, or their nominee, provided a submission under this provision is made to BIZMATRIX prior to the commencement of the program.


• the participant withdraws after the commencement of the course*
• the participant is excluded from continuing their studies at BIZMATRIX as determined by the CEO.
•the participant withdraws less than 10 days prior to day 1 of training

*Note: Commencement course is classified as date of when student is first granted access to E-Learning portal.

Terms and Conditions of Refund
1. Requests must be made in writing and accompanied with supporting evidence. BIZMATRIX reserves the right to request further documentation/supporting evidence where necessary.
2. Approved refunds will be sent to
a. repaid to the individual; or
b. the organisation who paid the participant’s fees.
3. Refunds will be paid within two (2) weeks from the date of the approval being granted.

Refund Complaints Procedure
1. Enquiries regarding refund calculations must be made in writing to the CEO
2. Participants or a nominee have up to 30 days to lodge a formal grievance from the date they receive the remittance advice of their refund. This must be done in writing. After consideration of all the available evidence, a decision will be made to either (a) uphold the grievance and issue a refund of the appropriate amount, or (b) dismiss the grievance.
3. If the grievance is not resolved to the satisfaction of the participant, parents/legal guardians or nominee, a copy of the written complaint together with the reasons for the grievance should be forwarded to the Directors for review.
This policy does not remove the right to take further action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.


Non-Payment cancellation options:

Bizmatrix face-to-face course payments must be finalised 10 days prior to onsite training. If in any case the training has not been paid 10 business days prior, Bizmatrix reserves the right to cancel the enrolment.


Cancellations and refunds

For participants who cancel their face-to-face training program, they are entitled to the following refunds:

  1. 10 business days prior to scheduled date, participant will be required to pay 20% of the course cost.
  2. If participant submits course change application, they will only need to pay Change Fee, and cancellation fee will be waived.
  3. Less than 10 business days prior to scheduled face-to-face training, participant will be required to pay a cancellation fee of 20% of course cost over $500 and for courses under $500, 50% of course cost.
  4. If participant submits course change application, they will only need to pay Change Fee, and cancellation fee will be waived.
  5. If participant fails to cancel their enrolment prior to commencement, participant will not be entitled to any refund and full course fee will be required to be paid. Applicant will need to reapply for training program if they would like to complete the course at a later date.

Last minute cancellation

  • If course cancellation is 48hrs or less or two working days (if weekend falls before Day 1) course commencement to practical attendance, course fees will be charged in full. The only occasion where students will receive some partial payment back will be for courses over $5,000.

Change Fee

Students who transfer between courses 10 working days prior to commencing will not be required to pay a change fee for the first course transfer. From there they will be required to pay $800 transfer fee.

Students who apply for a course transfer less than 10 days prior to training and prior to 48hrs (or two working days if it falls before a weekend) to commencement of training will be required to pay $80 transfer fee for courses under $500 or $120 transfer fee for courses over $500.

Students who apply for a course transfer less than 48hrs (or two business days if it falls before a weekend) before training will not be eligible, unless their circumstances fall under terms and conditions for a refund. Their application will be considered a last minute cancellation.

Cancellations and refunds for online and correspondence students

Participants completing online courses are required to pay for their training program prior to commencement on the E-Learning platform. Prior to payment being made, participants are able to cancel enrolment if no fees have been paid.


Correspondence (books sent out to you)

Correspondence students will be able to withdraw from training program up to 7 days after sign up. All books and resources must be returned, unused to Bizmatrix at participants expense. Bizmatrix will not refund deposit or course fees until books have been returned unused. After 7 days from sign up date, participants will be eligible for 80% refund of course fees.

Once students have confirmed a date for practical training at Bizmatrix, students will then only be entitled to 50% course refund upon cancellation.

If participant cancels in writing between 31 and 90 days, cancellation fee will equal to 50% of the course.

If participant cancels 90 days or more after enrolment day, they will not be eligible for a refund.


Online (access to eLearning)

Once students have been granted access to E-Learning portal, no refunds will be given, as this is considered commencement of course.


Course completion policy

Participants will be enrolled into Certificate IV units for 6 months from sign on date. If work is not completed within this timeframe it will be deemed invalid and they will need to reenrol.

Restricted Electrical students will be enrolled for 6 months from sign up date and if e-Learning and practical onsite training is not completed within this timeframe it will be deemed invalid and participant will need to reenrol to training program.

If student is enrolled in to a program with E-Learning to be completed prior and does not attend onsite practical dates within six (6) months of sign up, their training will expire. Student will be required to re-enrol after this date.


Late payments

Bizmatrix reserves the right to apply a penalty fee to unpaid invoices over 30 days of due date.

  • After enrolment into a training program, if applicant requires a date change for onsite training, notification to Bizmatrix of change of date must be lodged in writing 14 working days prior to the course commencing otherwise applicant will be charged a transfer fee of 5% of course cost over $500 and 50% of course cost for courses under $500. Student is only able to change course dates once, from there an $800 transfer fee will be charged for every other course change.
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