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Caravan LPG Gas Licensing Restrictions

Caravan LPG Gas Licensing Restrictions

Are you aware of the caravan licensing restrictions when it comes to Type A Gas servicing work on caravans?

As per the Queensland Gas Work License and Gas Work Authorisation Notes issued by the DNRM, click here to read full notes.

Gas work licence restricted to servicing and caravan certification (Appendix C2).

Servicing and caravan certification licence holders are permitted to service Type A gas devices (badged appliances), and associated gas systems including LP gas cylinders only, but not LP gas tanks. The scope of work includes testing, repairing, removing and refitting the same appliance if removed for service, but does not include installation of a new or identical device, or altering a device.

In addition, licence holders are also permitted to inspect and service caravan installations and issue Gas System Compliance Certificates to meet relevant inspection/certification requirements of the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Regulation 2004. The scope of work allowable is listed in Appendix H.

The competency requirements for obtaining this gas work licence restricted to servicing and caravan certification are set out in Appendix C2.

Servicing and Caravan Certification Licence Restrictions
The Chief Inspector may impose certain conditions on any Servicing and Caravan Certification Licence2. Typically these restrictions/conditions are:

1. Certification:

1.  Licensed certifiers are permitted to inspect and certify caravan installations for compliance with s734 of the Petroleum and Gas Production and Safety Act 2004 and specifically the Australian Standard AS/NZS 5601.2:2013 ‘Gas Installations – LP Gas Installations in caravans and boats for non‐propulsive purposes’ and issue Gas System Compliance Certificates to meet relevant inspection/certification requirements in the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Regulation 2004.

2.  Certification must take into account all relevant safety requirements of caravans with particular emphasis on ensuring appliances are approved, adequate ventilation, good combustion and no leakage. The certificate you sign states that you have inspected the gas system and that all the requirements of the standard have been met.2. Servicing:You may carry out all servicing work on domestic Type A appliances and caravan gas systems.

3. Work outside the scope of your licence:

  •   You are not permitted to install a new or replacement gas appliance of any type including ‘like for like’. However, you may ‘refit’ the same appliance which you removed for cleaning/checking, but only in the same place and in the same way.
  •   You are not permitted to carry out any installation, modification or repair to pipework other than tightening existing joints to seal any leakage.
  •   You are not permitted to accept/certify any work that is not in strict compliance with the standard.

4. Other training:

Gas servicing work may require electrical work to be undertaken. If electrical work is undertaken, you are required to also hold a relevant electrical or restricted electrical licence before undertaking this work. Please contact the Electrical Safety Office on 1300 650 662 for the definition of electrical work or further information on electrical licensing requirements.

2. Where a Gas Work Licence (Caravan Servicing and Certification) was issued without undertaking the competencies listed in Appendix C (2) , the original restricted scope of work allowed, as detailed in Appendix H, Version 2 of the Gas Work Licence Notes 2011 still applies.

The above gas specific competencies should be contextualised to caravans/vessel related scope of work.

  •   Certifying gas work in a caravan only is permitted for a gas work licence restricted to caravan servicing and certification.
  •   No installation work is permitted.
  •   Gas System Compliance Certificate Books and Gas Compliance Plates cannot be purchased
  •   Defect Notices can be issued.
  •   The allowable scope of work is listed under the heading ‘Servicing and Caravan Certification Restriction’ page, sections 1 and 3

For more information you can read the notes here.


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  • Stephen Lamb
    January 5, 2019, 9:13 pm REPLY

    I carryout roadworthy checks on Caravans and I would like to do the LPG check as part of the roadworthy can you help with a corse and cost

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