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Kickstart Your Career with a Certificate III in Gas Fitting

Kickstart Your Career with a Certificate III in Gas Fitting

Bizmatrix Certificate III in Gas Fitting enables applicants to becoming fully a qualified gas fitter. This not only adds to the skill set of licensed tradespersons within the plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and air-conditioning field, but to non-tradespersons also. This is good news for anyone looking to work with Type A gas appliances, gas pipework, and gas supplies and installations. It is a great way to help boost chances of career progression and success.

Upon completion of the gas fitting qualification, and selected units from the Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services, participants will be able to apply for their full gas license. This is an excellent way to fuel your career path to get to where you want within the gas fitting industry. The units cover competency requirements and common skills required by the plumbing and gas fitting industry. For maximum learning outcomes, training and assessment should be undertaken in a ‘real world’ setting or workplace environment and this will be offered within this particular gas fitting course.

After completion of this period of study, applicants will then be able to complete various units in gas fitting and thus obtain their full gas work license in Queensland. This program is a fantastic way for interested students to obtain a trade and drive their career to where they want to be. Another bonus is that the program includes participants of any age, so just because you are over 30 does not mean that you are too old for a new trade. In fact, the more experience the better. Check the following link if you are interested in completing the Certificate III in Gas Fitting.

This program run by Bizmatrix is nationally recognised and therefore, those who are living in other states are able to complete it too. Complete your Certificate III in Gas Fitting at Bizmatrix today and find out how you will be eligible to obtain full funding for the Certificate III in Gas Fitting Apprenticeship program – a part of our apprenticeships Brisbane program.

By Stephanie Panitzki


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