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Certificate III in Gas Fitting Traineeship

Certificate III in Gas Fitting Traineeship

Bizmatrix Group now offers the Certificate III in Gas Fitting Traineeship, but what exactly is a traineeship and are you eligible?

Queensland based traineeships are competency-based training program and, therefore may be completed once all parties to the training contract agree the apprentice or trainee has achieved all competencies. The parties to the training contract are the employer, apprentice or trainee and guardian (if applicable).

Bizmatrix have recently been granted User Choice Funding for our Certificate III in Gas Fitting course.

Competency based training defined:

Queensland apprenticeships and traineeships are competency-based. This means knowledge and skills which the apprentice or trainee attains and quality of work they produce, are what matter (rather than the length of time served).

According the Department of Education, Training and Employment

Apprenticeships Info Training state that apprentice or trainee does not have to serve out the full nominal term if they have attained all the knowledge and skills required in their training plan and are able to produce work to industry standard.

What will you be trained in? 

Through completing this course, you will be trained as a Type A gas fitter, learning how to safely install and service gas plumbing systems. You will also be able to install, maintain, test and repair gas lines, meters, regulators, units and appliances. While sometimes install pumps, heating and cooling systems, water tanks, water heaters and water heating systems.

The program works in conjunction with The Queensland User Choice program, which offers funding for training for both students and employers.

Bizmatrix Traineeship – User-Choice funded program

Certificate III in Gas Fitting Traineeship

The CPC32712 Certificate III in Gas Fitting is designed to enable participants to install, alter, remove, repair, service and test type A domestic and commercial gas appliances and Type A gas systems, under supervision, after applying for and being granted their interim gas work licence for Queensland.

Why should I employ an Australian Apprentice?

Australian Apprenticeships provide a range of benefits for your business including:

  • The trainee is taught and trained to your business requirements.
  • User choice funding from your State or Territory Training Authority.
  • A range of financial incentives for eligible employers.
  • Can be full-time, part-time or school-based, depending on what suits your business.
  • Nationally recognised qualifications and competencies.

Employing an Australian Apprentice

You make all the hiring decisions with an Australian Apprenticeship.

Eligible Employers:

The course is designed in conjunction with the employer workplace training support.

Our assessment team will meet with the interested employers to assess the suitability of the employers to achieve and support the apprentice/trainee and to arrange for an apprenticeship centre and the relevant funding applications/ approvals.

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Who can do a traineeship?

The course is open to non-tradespersons or licensed tradespersons within the plumbing, electrical, mechanical, electronics, metal work, refrigeration and air-conditioning fields who are required to work on and install, commission & service Type A gas appliances, gas pipework for Type A & B gas appliances, reticulated gas supplies including gas cylinders/gas tanks, mobile and portable caravans & marine installations.

Qualified plumbers who hold a current Queensland plumbing licence are exempt from the plumbing units of the course.

For more details see notes from QLD Department of Natural Resources and Mines for details on what the licence entails and what is needed to obtain interim licence, found here QLD Gas Work Licence Notes 2011.

What does this mean to you as a student?

There are a range of government incentives which means that you may be eligible for User Choice Funding. At the moment Australia is in need of gas fitters, therefore there is a lot of support behind gas training – which is great for you as a student!

How do I sign up for an apprenticeship?

  • Sign up
  • Training contract approved
  • Funding paid to employer
  • Monitoring work
  • Successful completion
  • Completion claim and paperwork
  • Paid to employer


The applicant must be approved through an apprentice or traineeship scheme, before a registration is considered or approved.

A Trade Licence holder may be eligible for recognition of prior learning and will be assessed on application by a Bizmatrix assessor.

What happens upon completion? 

When all parties to the training contract agree the apprentice or trainee has achieved all required competencies, they can commence the completion process.

Through completion of the Bizmatrix CPC32712 Certificate III in Gas Fitting Trainee/Apprentice you will be able to safely and legally install, on Type A Gas appliances.

Leave a comment below and tell us, what do you think about this method of training – a traineeship in which you blend your training with onsite work?

If you would like to sign up for the next round gas traineeships contact Bizmatrix Group us now at info@bizmatrix.edu.au or free call 1300 588 749!

Check out full apprenticeship and funding details here on our website too.


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