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Concentration Tips – Study Time

Concentration Tips – Study Time

Sometimes it can feel like every little thing is getting in the way of you and your study time. Suddenly, mowing the lawn has moved up in your list of priorities and two hours later you’ve managed to successfully procrastinate to the point of realsing that you havent even opened the first page of your text book.

Sound familiar?

Yeap, we’ve all been there before.

So we’ve put together a study guide on how to help yourself concentrate while you’re studying so that when you need to get your Bizmatrix e-learning completed, you can focus.


Set up your work station

It’s important to have a quiet area in your home that you can really sink into studying. If your home is too noisy considering staying back at work or going to the library for some quiet time.


Schedule it in your diary

Set aside two hours a day or whatever your desired study time is and actually plan it this time in your diary. This will help you when you go to sit down to remember that this time has been proritised for studying, and if you come out of the two hours having done nothing, you’ll realise how little you’ve achieved and all the time you’ve wasted procastinating.


Take breaks

So once you’ve finally gotten into your studying, make sure you don’t enter the vortex of work, work, work. Every half an hour take a few minutes to stand up and look outside. This will keep your mind fresh and on top of what you are focusing on.


Don’t mix learning and pleasure

If social media is your ‘escape’ or your emails are popping up every few minutes to be read, turn them off during your study time. Leave your phone in another room and don’t open your email account until after your study session.

Even though it may seem like just 5 minutes of checking Facebook or responding to your emails, if this is happening every 20 minutes, it will greatly affect your concentration.


Get a study buddy

Even if they’re not doing the same course as you, having someone next to you who is focusing can actually motivate you. Considering studying around other people, because then you’ll be less inclined to do those household chores and more inclined to focus.


What are your concentration tips? Tell us in the comments below. If you want to put your concentration to good use, take a look at our nationally accredited training programs on offer here. Otherwise call our team on 1300 588 749 or email info@bizmatrix.com.au


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