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Deadline for new Gas Compliance Documents- 30th June 2019

Changes with the Gas Compliance Documents-

Compliance checklist as a licenced gas fitter:

  • -Have access or have a copy of the Gas ACTS and REGULATIONS
  • -Have access or have a copy of the correct standards like – AS5601 series AS1596 , AS3814. ( They must be current EG: no later 6 months from release ) the standards are mandetory 6 months after the release date, so you have six months to transition.
  • -Have a copy of the latest compliance documents and compliance plates as below. BELOW INFORMATION 
  • -Keep your licence records current- addresses, phone numbers.
  • -Book two reminders on your calendar for the expiry dates – ( it is offense to have not update the Licencing unit ).
  • -Keep up to date- register  keep informed.
  • -Complete professional development , refresher courses and sessions .
  • -Join the Queensland Gas Association Inc  – for networking, technical support and solutions . QGA.ORG.AU 


The following information is an extract from the Gas Licencing Unit for the attention of all gas fitters, you are required to start using the new compliance materials after the 30th June 2019 .

It will be an offence to not comply , I have extracted the explanation as below.

The following requirements apply to holders of gas work licences and gas work authorisations when carrying out gas work in relation to a Type A or Type B gas device. Use our online form to order any of the following.

If you would like detailed information and or would like to place an order  then follow this link


Changes to approved compliance materials under the Petroleum and Gas Regulation 2018

The Petroleum and Gas (Safety) Regulation 2018 came into effect from 1 September 2018.

We have updated compliance materials (certificates, notices and plates) to align with these changes.

New compliance materials

These forms have been approved by the Chief Inspector, Petroleum and Gas and must be used by licence or authority holders from 1 July 2019:

  • PGSA733(S): Gas device (type B) approval certificate (available February 2019)
  • PGSA734A(3): Defect notice (available February 2019)
  • PGSA734(3)(a): Gas system compliance certificate (available February 2019)
  • PGSR102(2): Vehicle/vessel gas system inspection certificate (available February 2019)
  • PGSR96(3)B v2: Gas system compliance plate

Transition period for implementation

A transition period from 1 September 2018 to 30 June 2019 allows licence and authority holders to exhaust existing stocks and obtain new gas system compliance certificate, defect notice and vehicle/vessel inspection certificate books.

In relation to the compliance plates, the new regulation required a change to section number reference. We have approved the continued use of any old plates until industry exhausts their existing stock.

If you have already bought new books and plates, you should use those now. However, any old plates can be used until you exhaust your stock.

If you have not yet purchased new books, please order gas certificates, plates and notices online before 30 June 2019 to update your compliance materials.

Keep informed

To ensure you stay up to date please:

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