Electrical Training Courses

Looking at completing electrical training in Queensland? Bizmatrix are a leading training organisation in Queensland who provide a high level of electrical training on a range of appliances. Our detailed practical training gives you real world experience and builds your confidence to work in the electrical industry in line with the Australian Codes and Standards.

Our electrical training structure is split up into two parts, first students must complete theory which is completed through E-Learning and required to be completed prior to onsite training. Next, the student must come onsite for practical training, which enables them to gain confidence and apply their electrical training skills onsite.

Bizmatrix also provides one day Test and Tag training which can be completed onsite or at your chosen location if you have a group of 6 or more students. This course structure requires E-Learning prior to onsite training too. Electrical trainers go through in detail practical skills and training information so that you are more than competent to safely test and tag appliances.
If you’re interested in completing electrical training in Queensland or elsewhere in Australia, enquire now!


UNIT 67 – 193-203
Southpine Rd,
Brendale Brisbane Qld 4500

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