With the rising cost of electricity, home owners should consider every means to conserve power. There are many different kinds of energy saving appliances which are better for the environment and for your budget.

Energy star label

What began initially as a way to lower the energy consumption of old computers, the Energy Star program is now used by most appliance manufacturers to help make energy efficient products. Most average homeowners are not aware of how much electricity their appliances use. The program is able to educate customers as to how Energy Star labelled appliances is made for the purpose of utilising less energy without losing their effectiveness.

In order for a product to receive the Energy Star label, it must go through the country’s Department of Energy testing. The test reviews the amount of energy an appliance consumes as compared to other similar products. The label also considers the total yearly costs in utility charges of an appliance. Owning a washing machine or a vacuum cleaner with the Energy Star label will significantly bring down the cost of your electricity bills as compared to having similar appliances without the label.

Day lighting systems

Utilising the sun for its light may seem insignificant. However, it can be an efficient way for households and offices to reduce their power consumption. There are areas within a house and building where natural light is unable to reach. These areas require an electrical bulb in order to illuminate it. Day lighting systems, on the other hand, can direct natural lighting to a specified area of your home or office. They can even provide better illumination than conventional bulbs. Numerous day lighting systems are available in Australia at a reasonable price.

The right sized air conditioner

As stated above, Energy Star labelled air conditioners can help you save money on electricity bills. Having the appropriate sized air conditioner with an Energy Star label can save you even more money. Select a small unit for a small room, such as your bedroom, and a large unit for bigger rooms, like your living room. Air conditioning units will usually consume the same amount of energy regardless of the size of the room it is cooling.

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