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Expand Your Horizons: Why Increase Your Skills?

With the current state of the job market, employers are only willing to accept applicants with the skills and experience significant to their industry. Most companies prefer quality over quantity. These businesses are often the ones who pay better and take care of their staff. This makes the companies visible for highly skilled individuals.

In order to get a high paying job, one industry to consider is the gas and electrical sector. Learning new skills helps you unlock the doors to a better career. It may not be simple, but the payoff in spending your time and money to gain a gas and electrical safety certificate is worth it.

The following four articles will discuss in detail these four points:

  • Why increase your skills
  • Up-skilling within your current role
  • Setting out a professional development strategy
  • Seeking your own training

Why increase your skills

Up-skilling is a smart investment as it can open up new opportunities in your field. In competitive industries such as gas and electrical, further qualifications will put you one step ahead of the pack. For the first of four articles on expanding your horizons, below are the reasons why you should consider increasing your skills:

Challenges to keep you interested

For some, their job consists of mundane tasks that aren’t challenging or engaging. This can cause a person to feel unmotivated in continuing their work, reducing productivity and happiness. To keep their interest up, some workers look for new responsibilities and work in their job. You can obtain this by training and learning a new skill. This can make your daily work more challenging and fun.

Ability to move up within your company

As mentioned earlier, obtaining new skills allow you to obtain new responsibilities. Thi can grab the attention of your employers. If they are able to see how you are open to new challenges, they can promote you in the company or even provide a pay raise. Your skills can help you move up in your career.

If you are an independent gas or electrical contractor, you can also obtain new prospects by learning new skills, such as gas safety or gas service license. You can service new areas and do more complex jobs. This will allow you to obtain new customers. It can also make your business more appealing to new customers, increasing their confidence in your expertise.

Ability to obtain better salary and benefits

Obtaining new skills can give you more opportunities in finding a lucrative job position. For gas industries, most large companies are on the lookout for people with skills in geology. They require individuals who are able to read and analyse seismic data. Electrical companies will also need individuals with knowledge in interpreting blueprints. This ensures their new staff are able to properly install any equipment. Learning new skills allows you to apply for new, more advanced jobs.

Up-skilling will not only give you more opportunities and the possibility of a higher pay rise, but will also give you more confidence in your skills, leading to a happier, healthier work life balance. Whether it be a gas service license course, a restricted electrical license course or a first aid course, any up-skilling is an investment in your future.

The next article will discuss how you can up-skill within your current company or organisation.


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