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Finding out about Appliance Certification

Finding out about Appliance Certification

If you require information about an appliance, such as whether or not it has been gas safety approved it can be found on the GTRC National Certification Database. This is a central information point for the following certification bodies and provides you with a quick and easy solution, see details below.


To ensure safety to the public, all gas appliances sold in Australia and New Zealand are required to be tested and certified.

Information sourced from the GTRC webpage.

What to do when you  need to find out  if an appliance is Gas Certified….

The GTRC National Certification Database provides a listing of gas appliances and components that are or have been previously certified by the certification bodies (AGA, SAI Global, IAPMO, Global-Mark and Vipac) that are recognised individually by the GTRC members. The GTRC National Certification Database provides all stakeholders with information in relation to certified product as well as the certification status of the product. This information is updated typically on a monthly basis. If in doubt in relation to the validity of the information provided then the four recognised certification bodies also have their own certification listings that can be referred to via their respective websites for confirmation or otherwise of the information provided.

  • AGA
  • SAI Global
  • Global-Mark
  • Vipac

GTRC National Certification Database


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