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Gas and Electrical Professions in High Demand

Gas and Electrical Professions in High Demand

Due to the recent boom in the mining industry, the demand for gas fitters and electricians has increased tenfold. The high boost in the need for new contractors has pushed employers to provide numerous benefits to attract them. The following will discuss the mining boom’s origin and how it can affect a career in the gas and electrical industry.

How the mining boom occurred

The past few years has seen the mining industry expanding rapidly. This is credited to the modernisation of developing countries such as India and China. They require a steady supply of iron, coal, gold, oil and other products in order to meet manufacturing demands. As these countries continue to grow, their demand for mining products also continues to increase. Australia is one country rich in many of these products, making it a popular mining location.

Australia has once faced a financial crisis due to the low demand of iron ore and coal. The mining boom helped the country recover from this problem. In fact, the past ten years has seen Australia’s economy tripled.

Why the industry demands more skilled workers

The job market for the mining industry is very high due to the boom. According to recent studies, more than three and a half of vacancies are available for every 1,000 potential workers employed in Western Australia alone. It is predicted to have more than 40,000 workers within its least populated area in the coming year.

The main problem the Australia’s mining industry is facing is the lack of any skilled workers. The increase of demand for resources is adding more pressure for companies to meet them. This results in employers increasing their salary offers to possible employees, as well as providing a number of other benefits.

How you can take advantage of the mining boom

With many job openings available, it is easy to find work in any of the popular mining states of Australia. However, to fully take advantage of the boom you need to consider the positions available. Instead, consider a gas fitting and electrical course to increase your opportunities. With electrical and gas professionals one of the top positions being sought after by employers, this is a great industry to delve into. Employers are also looking for people who have an engineering degree, have sufficient knowledge in mining and are physically fit.

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