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Are you interested in becoming a Type A  Gas Fitter? If so, you are probably looking for ways to obtain your interim gas work license — the first step to getting your full gas work license. Considering that the industry is currently experiencing a tendency towards increasing specialisation, there is bound to be an increase in the demand for licensed gas fitters in the coming years, so this is the perfect time to get your CPC32720 Certificate III in Gas Fitting .

The Bizmatrix Certificate III in Gas Fitting Apprenticeship equips you with the knowledge and skills you will need to excel in this profession. In particular, our course will allow you to develop practical skills in, performing gas installations, commissioning and service for domestic/commercial Type A gas appliances, consumer gas pipework for Natural Gas and LP gas, caravan and marine and LPG tanks and cylinder systems. Furthermore, our team at Bizmatrix places an extraordinarily strong emphasis on safety and safe operating procedures.

Overall, you can expect to become knowledgeable in all of the important aspects of gas pipework systems LPG, natural gas, including installing and testing domestic and commercial Type A gas appliances, system components, regulators, OPSO.s OPP, gas valves, thermostats, thermocouples, combustion analysis checks, heaters, hot water systems and developing record-keeping skills. We work to make sure that you adhere to the highest industry safety standards.


Pre-Requisites None
Practical Training20 days F2F practical training and assessment days
Online5 Modules - Approx. 5 x 2hr Virtual Classes + 6 Days prior to F2F Practical
Nationally recognised?Yes


The CPC32720 Certificate III in Gas Fitting is designed to enable participants to install, alter, remove, repair, service and test type A domestic and commercial gas appliances and Type A gas systems, The training is completed as an Apprenticeship over a period of up to 4 years, during this period the apprentice is under supervision, and will be required to complete a log of work and minimum on the job training requirements. On the successful completion of the institutional training and the workplace training, the apprentice then may apply for interim Gas Work Licence for Queensland.

The course is designed in conjunction with the employer workplace training support. This program is undertaken as a traineeship/apprenticeship and upon successful completion of the training course, the applicant is required to complete weekly logbooks.

Our team will meet with interested employers to assess their eligibility and to organise the relevant funding applications/approvals. The employer must apply through the Apprenticeship training organisations first if they wish to apprentice through this qualification, otherwise please refer to the user pays program Certificate III in Gas Fitting located here.


What is Type A Gas Appliance?
Type A Gas Appliance is basically a mass produced and certified commercial and domestic gas appliances, where a gas certification scheme exists. Often there is a program to test and certify the same type of appliance for mass production.

Commercial Gas Appliances
Gas deep fryers, Targa tops, Cooktops, boiling burners, six burner cooktop/oven gas ranges, gas ovens, gas combi-ovens, gas steamers, gas salamanders, Churrasco’s, Paella gas grills, Char/BBQ grills.

Display flames, gas fired bain-marie, teppanyaki grills, tandoor cookers, naan bread cookers, large brat pans, gas steam jacketed cookers, steaming ovens, Pizza ovens, conveyor pizza ovens and gas fired toaster ovens.

Domestic Gas Appliances
Gas cookers, gas cooktops, domestic BBQ, gas stoves, gas hot water systems like Bosch Hot Water, Flueless heaters, log effect fire places, gas space heaters, caravan & marine appliances, caravan refrigerators, gas generators, Rheem gas hot water units, Gas continuous flow Hot Water units.


The Certificate III in Gas Fitting course is open to non-tradespersons or persons seeking to gain a trade/licence or licensed tradespersons within the plumbing, electrical, mechanical, electronics, metal work, refrigeration and air-conditioning fields who are required to work on and install, commission and service Type A gas appliances. This course also covers gas pipework for Type A and B gas appliances, reticulated gas supplies including gas cylinders/gas tanks, mobile and portable caravans and marine installations.

The employer and applicant must apply with an apprenticeship placement entity like Busy At Work , then request Bizmatrix as the USER CHOICE training provider.

This section only covers students who wish to complete a Certificate III in Gas fitting through the apprenticeship scheme – It is important to understand the employer must have the correct resources such a Gas Work Licensed trades person, Gas Fitter and the spread of gas fitting work to adequately train the apprentice throughout the apprenticeship period.

The employers resources will be checked prior to acceptance of the applicant.

The log book commences on enrolment and will be required to be completed with the correct amount of training in the field before the apprentice is deemed  satisfactory  complete.


Upon graduating from the Bizmatrix CPC32720 Certificate III in Gas Fitting Apprenticeship course, you will be able to apply for the first provision licence a Gas Work Licence (Interim).

This is the first step and means that you will be able to work as a Gas Fitter while supervised by a fully licensed fitter. During this timeframe, you will be required to complete the 60 hrs/ minimum of 10 jobs practical experience declaration/logbook. This commenced on your enrolment and must be completed within 3 years from the GWL (Interim)

Plus, you are required to complete four more training units which can be found here, these units are not included in this course and are part of the Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services however are mandatory to be completed so that you can receive their full open Gas Work Licence.

Basically when you achieve the GWL Interim and have completed the 60 hrs Practical Experience Declaration and the 4 x Gas specific Certificate IV in plumbing and Gas units – you then apply for the Gas Fitters Gas Work Licence .

Note: Bizmatrix CPC32720 Certificate III in Gas Fitting Apprenticeship is a full qualification, therefore upon successful completion you will receive a nationally accredited Certificate III in Gas Fitting. Beware that many other training organisations only offer a record of results/statement of attainment  for units completed and not the full Certificate III in Gas fitting .


The CPCP32720 Certificate III in Gas Fitting Apprenticeship is delivered through in class practical with E-learning to be completed prior to the face to face (F2F) training.

As soon as you enrol you will be able to commence with the online training and assessments. As well as legally commence your supervised gas fitting  practical experience logbook hours .

As a pre-requisite, all online study must be completed as per the Training Plan Agreement due dates and all online units fully completed at least 7 days prior to the attendance of the face to face practical.

The online training is designed to underpin your knowledge, increase your volume of learning and reduces the theory on the face to face practical days.

•  Gas basics Online e-learning  Modules – 5 sections (Approx. 5-10 hrs)
•  Module One – WHS gas safety – minor subjects – Test equipment Legislation – Communications work effectively in the plumbing sector (Approx. 5-8hrs)
•  Module Two/Three  – Maintain Type A gas appliances – Gas appliances (Approx. 8-12hrs)
•  Module Four – Calculate natural, ventilation, purge, disconnect and reconnect (Approx. 5-8hrs)
•  Module Five – Calculation of pipe sizing, fluing and regulators (Approx. 5-8hrs)

Before you book a course:
•  Understand the online learning and assessment commences on enrolment.
•  The practical experience declaration commences on enrolment.
•  Plan your study periods and attendance to the regular virtual online classes
•  Allow at least 8 weeks to complete the online learning & assessments.
•  Understand all online learning must be completed prior to the face to face (F2F) practical training
•  Check the due dates for the online learning and the assessments

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Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4


•  Access to online learning portal and materials
•  All textbooks and training manuals.
•  All Australian Standards for this unit.
•  All the correct test equipment and tools required for the practical education.
•  Real life gas equipment – Domestic & commercial gas equipment.
•  Basic to complex training gas burner rigs
•  Practical hands on education/training.
•  Support training videos on How to’s
•  Checklists and guides on how to.


Funding available through an apprenticeship program.


Course Name

 FGL – COVID HOLDING COURSE 2021-22 (Not available / Office use only)

Online Work DUE DATE

eLearning due by :20/12/2021


14/01/2022Available Spaces:

Pricing -To be confirmed


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