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Gas Pro Tips: Stop, to Stand Out!

Gas Pro Tips: Stop, to Stand Out!

Question: How to be the best in your field and gain ongoing repeat customer business?
Answer: Aim on making your work ethic result orientated.

This is the simple key to it, and here are our gas pro tips for this week!

1. Focus on being customer-result orientated.

The first requirement is to understand that your job as a gas fitter is about creating results for the customer. If they have called you, essentially it means they have a problem or a requirement needing to be complete.

The best service and work you can offer is to determine their need, and provide for it. Don’t waste time trying to influence or change their needs, just be solution orientated, within the minimum time frame possible.

2. Be true to your word, and true to your work.

Don’t organise appointments with clients then turn up an hour late. This is not only rude but proves you to be unreliable. If you are for some reason late, always call your client and let them know your estimated time of arrival.

It is also important that all work you complete in the gas and electrical industry, as a general rule of thumb, you should be proud to have your name on. Work should be in line with Australian codes and standards and completed in a functioning and safe way.

Be true to your word and be true to your work, it’s simple.

3. If in doubt, ask out.

If you are in doubt about the work you are completing, always ensure to get a second or third opinion from a certifying body, government regulator or similar. Working with gas is considered high risk work, and if you have even the slightest doubt about the work you are doing, do not continue. This also could be a sign that you are due to complete some up-skilling work to ensure your skills are up to date. Bizmatrix offer a range of professional development and up-skilling so that you don’t find yourself in a position of doubt!

So, with these gas pro tips, simply take time to STOP, and you will stand out as a professional and thorough gas fitter, resulting in a higher rate of repeat business and happy customers.

What do you think about these three solutions to being the best in your field?


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