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Bizmatrix offer a number of gas training courses across Queensland all year round, however it is important to understand how training can be suitable to your needs and determined by which appliances you’d like to work on.


32713 Certificate III in Gas Fitting

What Can I Work On?

Through the Certificate III in Gas Fitting course you will be able to work on Type A domestic and commercial gas systems. Once you receive your open licence, you will be able to work as a full gas fitter, completing installation, domestic and commercial appliances and more.

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Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service

What Can I Work On?

Once you hold your Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service, you will be able to service Type A domestic and commercial gas systems. Type A gas appliance are where gas certified scheme exists – and when there is a program to test and certify the same type of appliance for mass production, mainly commercial and domestic gas appliances. You will be able to work as a gas servicer and also upskill in this same course to do caravan certification.

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Certificate IV Gas Fitting Units

What Can I Work On?

Working on Type A domestic and commercial gas systems, you may use these units to bridge your licence from your interim to your full, otherwise you may complete these units for your own purposes on their own. These units will build your knowledge so that you are ready for your full gas licence.

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CPCPGS4023B Type B Gas Course

What Can I Work On?

Type B gas appliances are industrial gas appliances which include gas fired package burners, water and steam boilers found in large apartment blocks, industrial processing plants, dry cleaners and more. Once you receive your Type B authorisation, you will be able to work on industrial gas appliances, and install, commission and service type B gas appliances.

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CPCPPS5001B Design industrial gas systems (Advanced Type B Gas)

What Can I Work On?

You will be able to design industrial gas systems in compliance with Industrial Equipment Code (IEC) requirements, including the design of valve trains, interlocks, pipework and equipment. Once this unit is completed, you will be able to design industrial gas systems along with:

  •  Type B gas submissions
  •  Required to approve Type B gas submissions
  •  Work on advanced Type B gas systems
  •  Create advanced industrial specifications

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Professional development

What Can I Do?

You can’t expect after 2-4 years of working that your knowledge is still up to scratch and your understanding of continuous changes in the gas and electrical industry is still fresh.

Australian Codes and Standards are regularly updated, but are you aware of the latest changes that come with these updates? Perhaps you felt overwhelmed when you first started learning about your trade? Remember that it is always possible, and never too late to keep learning.

Bizmatrix have launched our new:

Professional Development Bites Training in order to build your confidence and refresh your understanding in gas service installation, commissioning Type A appliances and Type A gas systems.

Training consists of short, yet powerful two hour training sessions held in the afternoon.

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