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Gas Training: Your Key to Success

Gas Training: Your Key to Success

Acquiring a broad range of job skills and up-skilling is important for both your professional development and business success. However are you aware of the process involved, and the value that up-skilling offers to you as a tradesperson or professional?

The Melbourne Institute Working Paper of The Occupational Career Paths of Australia Tradesmen (2003) study explains “Job skills are primarily acquired through three mediums – formal training, education and accumulated career experiences.” Often people take one medium and continue to follow down it. For example, those in accumulated career experiences often continue to train through their organisation learning about company ethos, practices and regulations. In some organisations, formal training is provided, resulting in accumulated career experience for their staff. This approach is recommended to give staff a holistic approach toward learning, combining the three mediums to create a cohesive and well-rounded training approach.

Through expanding your trade and undertaking vocational training, this can be used as the base of your trade career to progress further in your field. This study goes on to explain that after entering the trade sector, many forms of post-school training were associated with progressing along the career path toward higher-skilled technical, professional, supervisory and managerial positions. This means that undertaking further training is almost a guarantee toward building your success.

When you build your qualifications you not only have further evidence of this through a tangible certificate, however you also open your mind and ideas toward new job opportunities. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (July, 2014) found that many students who studied a trade, go on to work in a trade for the most part of their career. In some fields, for example sports management or real estate, often these fields are studied however many students once completed go on to work in another field. Switching between different trades was also found to be relatively common, with the five most common occupations of full-time work included carpenters and joiners, electricians, plumbers and construction managers. Those who studied sales and marketing found that five years later the more common occupations were carpenters and joiners, electricians, and retail managers.

Here we are taking a closer look at the options of career paths for Australia tradesmen and how they lead to success. Conclusions can be drawn that once entering a trade, usually a person continues working in this sector, therefore starting a base trade is a great way to get your foot in the door and begin your trade career. You may not necessarily always stay in the same trade field, however up-skilling and expanding your knowledge from your base trade is a great way to grow your understanding and expertise in your chosen field. Through starting a trade, from here you open up a world of opportunities, it is your job as a tradesperson or professional to complete regular up-skilling, not only for your professional development but also to open your eyes up to new job opportunities around you.


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