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Hot Water unit New Installs will require- ” RCD’s & Isolation Switches”

New AS3000 Rules out soon- What’s new.

( New Hot water unit Installs- RCD protection on all Hot water units-)

The new AS3000 Electrical wiring rules will be published, it is tipped that there will be two new requirements for Electric Hot Water units. These rules only apply to NEW INSTALLATIONS ONLY – not existing or replacements.

  • A new how water installation will require an Isolation switch to be installed near the Hot Water unit.
  • All sub circuits with a hot water unit is required to have an RCD (Residual Current Device) 30 mA installed.

There is concern with the new RCD (Residual Current Device) rule for Hot Water units, the householder could experience false tripping. False tripping can be prevented – if the electrician makes certain the Hot Water unit is installed on a dedicated circuit. If the unit is a standalone circuit/ RCD, there should not be any false tripping. IE: If there were 2-3 hot water units, each Hot Water should be powered by an individual and dedicated RCD and circuit ,for each Hot Water unit.

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