We get a lot of students inquiring about e-Learning wondering how exactly it works. I guess there is a slight fear when it comes to not only going back to study but it now being online, different to the usual pen to paper learning process.

However, starting eLearning is a seamless process and doesn’t require any extra software. eLearning can be accessed via our website portal, which means that you can log in, anytime, anywhere.

So if you’re curious as to how eLearning works, here are some of the benefits of it.


Flexibility with E-Learning

One of the main benefits of eLearning is that you are able to go at your own pace and learn when you like. This provides the ultimate flexibility for you and also means that if you are finding the course particularly easy, or hard, you can spend more or less time on each training program.


Go with your own schedule

Does studying at midnight work best for you? Or do you prefer every day at 11am to login and complete a bit of your training course?

Whatever your schedule is, completing eLearning online means that you can fit it in around your own schedule. This is a huge help for those with a crazy schedule who can’t seem to find time to even eat dinner!


Get help where you need

A benefit of studying online is that you can seek assistance from a trainer simply by calling or sending an email. This means that support will be around when you need it, and if it’s outside of working hours, someone will get back to you the next day.


Make an online group of friends!

A huge benefit of studying online is that you will be encouraged to collaborate with other team members via the eLearning portal. However, with all of our eLearning training programs, we require you to come onsite and complete practical training here.

Another benefit of eLearning is that you will arrive to class with prior knowledge of your training topic. This really helps build students confidence and understanding of the course content so that they don’t get overwhelmed and confused on day one of training.


Find a course that suits you

The most important thing about learning, whether it’s online or practical, is that you find a course that’s right for you. It is very hard to study and learn about a topic that you are simply not interested in. So make sure that before you begin you are enrolled in a program that you are genuinely interested in.


If you’d like more information about training courses on offer and which gas or electrical course is right for you, call our team now on 1300 588 749.


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