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How to Check Your BBQ is Safe?

How to Check Your BBQ is Safe?

It is important to complete a few safety checks to ensure that your barbeque is working well and in a safe manner. By completing visual checks and some basic regular maintenance on your BBQ, you can ensure you and your family stay safe.

Here are a few key aspects to check to ensure that your BBQ appliance is functioning and set up in a safe manner, and 5 steps on how to check your BBQ is safe.

1. Check your LP Gas Cylinder

Check the test date and periodically ensure that the LP gas cylinder is working correctly, without leaks. Elgas (2014) explains that “In Australia, BBQ gas bottles must be tested every ten years.  The gas valve is changed upon inspection and the valves are expected to last for the full ten years.” It is important that gas cylinders are not refilled if it has not been tested for more than 10 years or if there is any damage to it. Exchange your unusable LP Gas cylinders at a reputable supplier for a new one.

2. Connect the Cylinder to your BBQ

If you are assembling your BBQ yourself, ensure that you follow the instructions very carefully and that all connections are tightly secured (however not over tightened). Once the cylinder is connected to the BBQ, each time you cook check it prior to using it, to ensure that the seal is still firmly in place and that there has been no damage to the cylinder while it has been left idle.

3. Check the hose to make sure it hasn’t perished

Complete a visual check prior to using the BBQ, and if you see that a hose is damaged or perished do not use it and get a replacement. It is also important to check for gas leaks, which can be done by using soapy water solution, read about how to do the test here. 

most likely leak areas

4. Use your BBQ in an open space

Never use a BBQ indoors, in a tent, or caravan, and always ensure there is adequate ventilation around you outside – in the open space. If not, you run an extremely high risk of fatality or creating an extreme fire hazard. Also note that even after the BBQ has been switched off, it is not recommended to bring it indoors as fumes will resonate from it for a number of hours after.

5. Turn off gas once finished

Ensure you always turn off the gas at the valve once you have finished cooking. Before you turn off the gas controls (on the BBQ) always turn off the gas at the cylinder first, so that any gas in the pipeline can be used up. From there, turn off all controls on the BBQ.

Through following these tips on how to check your BBQ is safe, you can ensure that you have a fully functioning and safe BBQ each time you use it.

Where is your favourite location to have a BBQ? Ours is in New Farm Park, Brisbane with friends, tell us yours in the comments below!


Elgas, 2014. “How to check your BBQ”, read more here: http://www.elgas.com.au/blog/505-bbq-gas-leak-test-gas-grill-barbecue

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  • GasNtools
    June 29, 2020, 3:30 pm REPLY

    Thank you very much indeed for sharing this important information with us. It guides me in checking the safety of BBQ.

  • GasNtools
    August 24, 2020, 4:20 pm REPLY

    Good information. Lucky me I ran across your blog by accident. This helped me to ensure the safety of BBQ. Thanks for sharing the post

  • GasNtools
    August 24, 2020, 4:21 pm REPLY

    Good information. Lucky me I ran across your blog by accident. This helped me to ensure the safety of BBQ. Thanks for sharing the post

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