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How to Decide on your Next Career Move in the Trade Industry

How to Decide on your Next Career Move in the Trade Industry

If you’ve been a gas fitter all your life and after 20 years, have began thinking about your next career move, this is not an uncommon situation to be in.

Considering your options about your next role is important to ensure that you follow a path that you’re both passionate about and also practical about.

Pursuing a career that supports your trade is important and can be an easily way to get more business. So here are some tips on how to decide on your next career move in the trade industry.


Work experience

If you’re unsure about cross-skilling or entering a new trade, it might be time to consider gaining some work experience prior to committing to a whole new career. When onsite, it can be easy to see how you feel about other trades through expereincing and being around the different roles. If however, you’re a contractor and simply get in and get out to complete your job, then getting some work experience could be a good option. Contact a mate or reach out to someone who you know in a trade that you may have worked along side that can help you learn more about the career chance you’re considering. Otherwise sometimes all it takes is having a chat about the possibilities and day to day tasks that you may be unfamiliar with to ensure that this is the role you want.



Much like chatting to someone who is currently in the role that you’d like to be, finding a mentor can be a hugely assitive process to learn more about how your mentor has had a successful career.

We’ve spoken before about the importance of a mentor here, so follow the same process in deciding who you choose to work with.



Is completing more study part of your path to gaining a new trade? If you are a gas fitter who has been in the industry for years, it’s probably time to consider upskilling. Some areas that go well and don’t require a total career change include restricted electrical or Type B – industrial gas.


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