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How to get a Restricted Electrical Licence with no Call of Trade !

How to get a Restricted Electrical Licence with no Call of Trade !

In Queensland you are required to have an electrical licence for any electrical licence. We are often asked can I get a restricted electrical licence if I do not have any trade, but have experience or could demonstrate experience.

The simple answer is Yes !, prior to July 2018 the Electrical Safety Office required you to demonstrate at least 5 years industry experience in the area that you required a restricted electrical licence now only 3 years.

Here is a six (6)  tips on getting a restricted electrical licence with no call of trade !

example for a coffee machine repairer.

1– You must have a need for the requirement to do incidental electrical work for repairs and maintenance.

2– You need to demonstrate that you have a minimum of  (3) years  experience in this area,

How – Log books, Statutory Declarations, Employer references, pictures, videos or service sheets with work experience- Did you know that you do not require an electrical licence for reapirs in a prescribed workplace- as in Workshop . Again another method of listing or logging experience.

3– You will need a letter from your employer , declaring the need for incidental electrical work around this experience, as in our example you would like to service and repair 240VAC coffee machines , coffee grinders and beverage equipment, including changing plugs and cords or fitment of plugs and cords.

NOTE : If you are self employed , then you will need a Statutory Declaration with the same type of information , and remember paint the picture – don’t ask for too much and keep in the bounds of the limitations.

4- Fill in the Form 21 application for a training permit and then attach the industry experience log and the declaration letter or stat Dec , include the relevant fees .

5-When you get your permit , then contact Bizmatrix and register for the relevant restricted course , which will be found here  or call 0457 595 888

6-This restricted electrical licence will be limited to plug and cord appliances or fixed connected 250VAC maximum voltage and only service, maintenance, fault finding and repairs , locate rectify, if there is a need plugs and cords to 250VAC .

Once you have your Training permit,

Register with Bizmatrix to complete the training.

Which is in (3) steps !

Step one – The  education/assessments , E -Learning online work is completed before attending the face to face practical

Step two– The face to face practical and practical assessments.

Step three– The Log book work in the field with your employer or signed off by an electrician ( note we can assist you in this area)

You are complete these three steps,are achieved and you are deemed competent, which will take any between six to a maximum of 12 months , as the permit has a 12 month limit .

Not Included in this licence:- Disconnect and reconnect or voltages exceeding 250VAC .

If you are wanting a disconnect and reconnect 250 VAC/415VAC  unit to your licence, or locate rectify greater than 250VAC, the applicant must hold a minimum call of trade Certificate III in the trade associated with the restricted electrical licence requirements.

As in Plumber, Gas fitter, Fitter, Instrument technician , Air condition, refrigeration, Appliance technician

Looking for more information feel free to give us a call directly on 0457 595 888 or look at the Bizmatrix electrical website for more on what courses and how to apply for the restricted electrical course .


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