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Job Opportunities from the Restricted Electrical Training Course

Job Opportunities from the Restricted Electrical Training Course

Date: Thursday 1st October 2015

Have you thought of completing the Restricted Electrical training course but are curious about the job opportunities associated with this course? The following jobs opportunities are some ideas to help you gain a better understanding of what you may be able to eligible to apply for upon successful completion of the restricted electrical training course – once you have received a restricted electrical licence.


HV Mechanical with restricted electrical

Maintenance and erecting, dismantling of tower cranes, physical fitness is important along with crane experience. Other licences such as working at heights, restricted electrical, white card are required. For this role you will need a Certificate or Diploma in mechanical work.


Technician / Trades assistant

In this role you will need a white card, working at heights and a restricted or open cabling license. You will be assisting a technician on site and will complete work in your trade with the ability to complete restricted electrical work.


Complete Electrical disconnect and reconnect on gas appliances (as licence permits)

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you need to complete disconnect and reconnect work however haven’t been able to due to not holding a restricted electrical licence? Provided that you receive the correct units on your restricted electrical permit as issued by the Electrical Safety Office Queensland, you will be able to safely complete this work.


These three examples are just some of the many possibilities that will open up to you once you have a restricted electrical licence. If you are interested in undertaking training, take a look at our outline of the restricted electrical course on offer. The pre-requisite to undertake this course is that you have a base trade of calling however if you are interested in undertaking the Certificate III in Gas fitting and gaining a gas trade this may also be an option for you too.

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