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Keeping Your Licenses up to date

Keeping Your Licenses up to date

Date: Tuesday 15th March 2016

Time and time again, we get calls from those in the trade industry who have let their licenses lapse. Unfortunately, to pick up the pieces of an expired license isn’t that easy of a process.

We can’t stress the importance of keeping your licenses up to date, even though at the time, forking out a couple of hundred dollars to update a licence that you may no longer require seems like a waste of money, you just never know what the future holds, along with potential job changes you may undergo.

Compare your gas or electrical licence to say, your drivers licence. Even if you were in another country for a few years and not driving, you would still continue to update it, as in the future you may very well need it again.

However, if you do forget to keep your licence up to date, there are some solutions we can provide you with, to get your licence back!

Please note that both of these processes are subject to how long you have let your license lapse and are only examples of possible circumstances. Each students circumstance needs to be reviewed individually and the process is determined solely by Department of Natural Resources and Mines (gas) or Electrical Safety Office (electrical) Queensland licensing body, Bizmatrix provide training in relation to the renewal process however are a third party and play no part in issuing gas and electrical licenses.


To update your expired gas licence you may need to do a three day refresher training program to cover five nationally recognised training units:

CPCPGS3056A ‐ Install gas piping systems

CPCPGS3061A ‐ Install and commission Type A appliances, (with particular reference to section 6 of AS/NZS 5601.1:2013 / section 6 of AS/NZS 5601.2:2013)

CPCPGS3054A ‐ Calculate and install natural ventilation for Type A gas appliances.

CPCPGS3053A ‐ Disconnect and reconnect Type A appliances (with particular reference to sections 3 and 6 of AS/NZS 5601.1:2013 and section 2 clause 2.2 and section 6 of AS/NZS 5601.2:2013)

CPCPGS3052A ‐ Maintain Type A gas appliances

Cost: $1,990 GST FREE

You will receive a Statement of Attainment upon completion.



For electricians and restricted electrical licence holders the process is slightly easier.

If you let your license lapse you’re looking at a one day training program that is non-accredited for $495 + GST. This training covers the changes in legislation and ensures your electrical skills are up to date. It will help you regain confidence in the electrical trade industry and give you a hands on understanding of electrical principals.

This training course has been specifically designed for holders of a current or expired electrical licence. This course is an in-depth program aiming to refresh and update your knowledge so that you can reapply for your electrical licence, whilst ensuring that you follow safe practices and are aware of any changes within the legislation of Queensland.


Please note that each application is discretionary to the appropriate licensing government department and this article is only to be used as a guide and is under no way confirmed information to determine your eligibility for licensing renewal or confirmation of the process required to renew your gas or electrical licence.


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