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National Skills Needs List 2014

National Skills Needs List 2014

The National Skills Needs List identifies traditional trades that are experiencing a national skills shortage in Australia. Further funding and assistance for those interested in commencing a trade in the following skills is offered, as an attempt to build the nations experience and knowledgable tradespeople (Reference: National Skills Needs, 2014).

The list is based on detailed labour market research and analysis. The Australia Apprenticeships website outlines a complete list of trades that are in need to more workers, both including electricians and gas fitters. The list can be found here and was updated in July 2014.

Under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program, an Australian Apprentice undertaking a Certificate III or IV qualification that leads to an occupation listed on the National Skills Needs List may be eligible to attract the following employer incentives and personal benefits:

  • Support for Adult Australian Apprentices payments
  • Rural and Regional Skills Shortage incentive

The loans will support Australian Apprentices in skills shortage areas by allowing apprentices to borrow up to $20,000 over the period of their apprenticeship (Reference: Busy At Work, 2014).

Eligibility for the Trade Support Loan (TSL) is based on an apprentice’s occupational outcome which will either need to be on the Trade Support Loans Priority List, or a Certificate II, III or IV in Agriculture or Horticulture in rural/regional areas.

What does this mean for you?

The Trade Support Loan offers you assistance and an initiative to commence work and training in your desired trade that falls under the compliant trades. If you’re interested in undertaking a gas or electrical course you may be eligible for funding.

How does this link to Bizmatrix?

Bizmatrix offer a fully funded Certificate III in Gas Fitting Apprenticeship training course. This means that you can become fully qualified through our apprenticeship program, resulting in you not needing to pay for training however coming out with a full qualification.

Thanks to the trade support loan you know have options and many opportunities are available for you as a worker to develop and improve your education and trade resulting in better pay and more opportunities.

Apply now for the fully funded Certificate III in Gas Fitting Apprenticeship here!

Publish date: Tuesday 2nd September 2014


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