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New Legislation in ACT for Type B

New Legislation in ACT for Type B

Proposed changes to gas safety legislation in Australia Capital Territory

The ACT Government have amended the Gas Safety Act 2000 and Construction Occupations (licensing) Act 2014. The main changes as per the department are as followed:

– Transfer of the regulation for compliance indicators to be attached to premises where gasfitting work has been carried out and introduction of a notification requirement to the gas distribution.

– Transfer of the regulation of gas appliance workers to the Construction Occupations (Licensing) Act.

– Streamlining the process for approvals of gas appliances against safety standards. There will be no change to product standards or installation requirements.

– Including a new power in the Gas Safety Act to make standards for energy efficiency or power conservation of gas installations. No new standards are proposed at this time.

– Revising definitions and sections of the Gas Safety Act to make it easier to read and interpret.

The new system is expected to have started in August 2014.

Gasfitter Licenses

The changes to accreditation do not affect gasfitter licences. Gas appliance work is proposed as a separate occupation under the COLA – in line with the existing separation between gas appliance work and gasfitting work.

The new legislation would allow advanced and general gasfitters to obtain an endorsement for Type B flue work if they have successfully completed the relevant training. Gasfitters need to apply for these endorsements and meet qualification requirements.

Bizmatrix now offer the Type B Gas Flues course which complies with the new legislation. If you would like to apply for the training, see course information here, with training offered in both Brisbane and Canberra.

What are your thoughts on the new legislation and how will it affect you? Comment below and tell us.

All information has been directly extracted from the ACT ‘Proposed changes to gas safety legislation’ copy.


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