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New Professional Development Training

New Professional Development Training

Bizmatrix are launching our new Professional Development Bites Courses. These are short, low cost courses to update your skills that can be completed either online or onsite.

Often, it is not until you revise your knowledge that you realise how much you have forgetten. As a gas fitter it is easy to get in to a rutt and not continue training, which is why Bizmatrix are starting our professional bites sessions. We want you to work at your safest, and best skills possible.

Next upcoming training:

Wednesday 26th August 2015

#1- OPSO setting – how to set an OPSO regulator.

Professional development units are designed to enable participants keep up to date with the latest technologies, legislation and safe gas fitting techniques to install, service, maintain and commission Type A domestic and commercial appliances.

Who can do it?

The course is open to anyone with the correct qualifications to match the refresher training unit, looking to gain further knowledge in gas service installation, commissioning Type A appliances and Type A gas systems (Option 1 & 2), otherwise (Option 3) qualified Type B personal wanting to complete their annual professional development training and updates.


Option 1: Applicant must have completed Gas Work licence restricted to service or be a licensed gas fitter.
Option 2: Application must have completed Certificate III in gas fitting.
Option 3: Applicant must have completed Type B training or have a Type B authorisation or approval.


$99 inc GST


16:00pm to 18:00pm


Wednesday 26th August 2015


Contact Bizmatrix now to apply, limited places available.


Ph. 1300 588 749


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