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Plumbers -Heat pumps now included in the Restricted electrical licenses!

Plumbers -Heat pumps now included in the Restricted electrical licenses!

Plumbers with Restricted Electrical Licences -Heat Pumps are now included –

The Electrical Safety Office – Licencing section, has advised that a Plumbers with Restricted Electrical Licence ,now include Disconnect and reconnect of all Water heaters, including heat pumps. If your restricted electrical licence excludes heat pumps and you want to disconnect repair and reconnect heat pumps, contact the electrical safety Office to have a new card issued to include all Water heaters and remove any restrictions for Heat Pumps on your Restricted Electrical License.

Restricted electrical license courses for Plumbers at Bizmatrix
This detailed training session will provide all of the information you need if you intend to  Disconnect and reconnect  electrical and gas hot water units Hot water units . Take a look at some of the specific components that this training course will include:
– Disconnect and repair an electrical hot water system
– Reconnect an electrical 240Vac / 415Vac  hot water system after repair.
– Disconnect and reconnect a replacement 240Vac hot water unit – replacement like for like
– Disconnect and reconnect heat pumps.

Note the Disconnect and reconnect restricted electrical licence is for all hot water units including heat pumps , solar hot water elements, electrical and gas hot waters- The maximum voltages will depend on your permit limitations.

For more information on how to get a Restricted electrical Licence, restricted licence courses and training for Plumbers, gas fitters , refrigeration- contact Bizmatrix 0457 595 888 or 1300 588 749 or go to information restricted electrical courses and how to get a restricted electrical licence in Queensland


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