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Professional Development Strategy

The previous article talks about the benefits you can obtain through learning new skills. They can help you move up in your company, obtain better jobs and help you gain new customers.

For this article, we will discuss in detail as to how you can learn new skills while at work in the gas and electrical industry. There are numerous opportunities for you in your company. Read on to know how you can up-skill in your current role.

Company Training Programs

Most companies value experienced workers as they more familiar with the business process than newly hired employees. They understand how it is better to hire internally than to get people from the outside. This helps the business to grow and develop naturally. Providing employees the opportunity to move up can help improve their moral which can affect their productivity.

This can be your opportunity to take advantage of if your company is providing free training. The only thing you need to spend is your free time in order to attend them. However, certain company training programs might be held within your working hours. In this case, ask your supervisor if you can leave early or come to work later to allow you to attend.

Work On Projects With A Colleague Who Works In A Different Field

Not every company provides free training or time for their employees to attend training. However, if you are paired to a colleague with a skill from a different field, this is a golden opportunity to learn. Other people often ignore their work mates and what they might have to offer. Instead they simply focus on the task or project at hand, when you can actually learn a lot from colleagues in different fields.

Your colleagues can teach you the skills they learned from their area of expertise. They can also show you how they utilise it in your current work. There are no fees to pay or any free-time you need to sacrifice to learn something new from your office mates.

If possible, you can also ask them to teach you the skills they know on your work break. There are certain limits to this. You and your colleague might get pressured to finish a task by your supervisor. This may lessen the time they can teach you anything. Most of them do not have the qualifications to teach you what they know effectively as they are not trainers. It is best not to treat this as a gas or electric licence course, but to think of it as a learning opportunity.

Find A Mentor Within The Company To Teach You

As mentioned above, if your company doesn’t provide free training, your best option is to find someone to teach you instead. There are limits in having a colleague teach you a new skill as they may not be qualified. However, a mentor or trainer within the office is your best option to learn for free. They are often the staff who teach new employees of the company.

Most likely your trainer can mentor you in other skills to help you move up in the gas and electrical industry. You can also ask your supervisor if there are other mentors available to teach you within the company.

Remember, many of these opportunities can cost money and time. However, they can give you a large return in investment in the future, so don’t miss the opportunity to learn!

In the third article of expanding your horizons, we will talk about professional development strategies. This covers how to request this from your company as well as the benefits you can obtain from doing so.


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