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Profit from Skills Maintenance

Profit from Skills Maintenance

Have you waited too long, and let your licence lapse?

Don’t worry, we have a solution.

If it has been less than two years since your gas or electrical licence lapse, you may be eligible to be able to complete a skill maintenance course and renew your licence.

The following two courses will enable you to do so.

Skills Maintenance – Type A Gas Refresher Training

This training program is an interactive and in-depth approach for skills maintenance – Type A gas renewal. If you have let your gas licence lapse, you will be required to complete this training course in order to renew it. It is important to continue to stay on top of industry changes whilst building your knowledge further in the gas industry. The training program will work to give you a new understanding of gas practices.

More details and sign up information here.


Skills Maintenance – Electrical Licence Renewal

This training course has been specifically designed for holders of a current or expired electrical licence. This course is an in-depth program aiming to refresh and update your knowledge so that you can reapply for your electrical licence, whilst ensuring that you follow safe practices and are aware of any changes within the legislation of Queensland.

More details and sign up information here.


Please note: Each students circumstances are unique and licensing renewal requirements are solely determined by the QLD licensing department. Please contact the Electrical Safety Office for all licensing queries, or the Department of Natural Resources and Mines for all gas licensing queries. Bizmatrix are a registered training organisation however do not govern or determine licensing eligibility. Please ensure you are sure of your required training to obtain your desired licence before signing up to a training course.


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