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Ready For A Career Change: Ask Yourself These Questions

Ready For A Career Change: Ask Yourself These Questions

It can be easy to eat, sleep, work, repeat and find yourself stuck in a rut. But if you’ve been thinking about a career change, here are a few steps you can take to ensure that you’ve answered every question, before making a change.


Ask yourself: How do I like to work?

Knowing your preferred working style is a important when it comes to making a career change. If you like being outdoors, or prefer the office dynamic, keep this in mind when considering your options. Often, people make a career change only to start and realise that they hadn’t factored the lifestyle changes in to their considerations.


Ask yourself: What do I really want?

What is the purpose behind your career change? Are you looking for something that simply pays the bills, or do you want to do something your passionate about. It’s easy to think the grass is always greener, but really put the change into perspective. There will be struggles and issues that come up, no career is perfect! So be real about this.

Ask yourself: Is this realistic?

Consider your career change and speak to different people who are already in that industry. It can be easy to see a career change through rose coloured glasses and not be familiar with the struggles and triumphs involved in your new career. Know your reasons and why you want to work in this field, so that when struggles do pop up, you are confident with your choice.


Ask yourself: What are my passions?

I believe, following your passion is the most important thing. Whether it seems within reach, or out of reach, this is what it comes down to. What’s the point of waking up every day doing a job you don’t want to do? Don’t start a new career in a field that you don’t truly want to be a part of.


Ask yourself: What are my future goals?

Consider your long term goals and what you really want.

Can you see yourself in this career for quite some time and are the future prospects to grow and change? For example, within the gas industry you’ll have future prospects to upskill into a new trade or work in industrial gas too.


If you’re looking at a career change, or to simply upskill, chat to our team today about which course is best for you. If now’s the time to start a new career or bolster your current career to earn more and make a positive change find out more today.

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