If you’re looking at completing electrical work and have been issued an electrical work permit by the Electrical Safety Office Queensland you may require competencies such as disconnect and reconnect, locate and rectify and more.

Bizmatrix offer Restricted Electrical Licence training as an online training course blended with onsite practical training. To complete the Restricted Electrical Licence training, you are required to have a permit issued by the Electrical Safety Office Queensland. If you haven’t already obtained this, you can apply for it here.

Before you apply for the electrical permit, it is important that you understand that only those with a call of trade are eligible to apply for the electrical permit, which means they can continue on to complete restricted electrical licence training. Once training is completed, students can then apply for the restricted electrical licence.

If you do not have a base call of trade, there may be other options for you to obtain your restricted electrical licence, however it is a case-by-case basis, therefore please speak to one of our consultants about your current situation. Issuing of permits is not up to Bizmatrix, and only the Electrical Safety Office Queensland determines eligible applicants. View our training options here now!

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