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NEW! Restricted Electrical Weekend Training Courses

NEW! Restricted Electrical Weekend Training Courses

Bizmatrix are now offering restricted electrical training on the weekends! After hearing feedback from our students, we have noticed that a lot of sole traders or those who are just very busy would love to attend training courses over the weekend, rather than week days.

We are trialing this new program with dates outlined below:


Restricted Electrical Weekend Courses

NEW! Weekend Training Courses

  • REL-1W-2016 March Weekend Practical Days 
  • Day 1: Saturday 13th March 2016 Test and Tag
  • Day 2: Sunday 14th March 2016 LR-DR
  • Day 3: Saturday 9th April 2016
  • Day 4: Sunday 10th April 2016 LR-DR
  • Day 5: Friday 15th April 2016 PC-LR

We work hard to ensure our training programs are flexible and tailored to our students needs. Find out information about the training here.

Call us now on 1300 588 749 to sign up for this training  course!

Post update: Bizmatrix no longer offers weekend training courses, however if you have a group of six of more we are able to set up a tailored training program for you. Please see our restricted electrical training course information here. 


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