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Service Type A Gas Course Canberra – With funding!

Service Type A Gas Course Canberra – With funding!

Bizmatrix are offering the Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service program in Canberra. If you currently live in Canberra, you will be eligible for funding. This program is based around the Service Type A Gas appliances unit and upon successful completion students will be able to service type A gas appliances.

The Service Type A Gas Course – Canberra Funding

Students in Canberra are eligible for funding and all students can apply through here:
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1. Students need to apply PRIOR to attending the training, retrospective applications not accepted.
2. Must be working in ACT, those interstate are not eligible for this funding.
Next training program available (only one place left) dates as per below. E-Learning is to be completed prior to attending onsite practical training in Canberra. Further details about training on offer can be found here. 

The upcoming dates for Service Type A Gas Course Canberra can be found here:

Day 1 RGL 8.00 AM-1700PMMonday 24th October 2016CIT Canberra
Day 2 RGL 8.00 AM-1700PMTuesday 25th October 2016CIT Canberra
Day 3 RGL 8.00 AM-1700PMWednesday 26th October 2016CIT Canberra
Day 4 RGL 8.00 AM-1700PMThursday 27th October 2016CIT Canberra
Day 5 RGL 8.00 AM-1700PMMonday 14th November 2016CIT Canberra
Day 6 RGL 8.00 AM-1700PMTuesday 15th November 2016CIT Canberra
Day 7 RGL 8.00 AM-1700PMWednesday 16th November 2016CIT Canberra
Day 8 RGL 8.00 AM-1700PMThursday 17th November 2016CIT Canberra
Day 9 RGL 8.00 AM-1700PMFriday 18th November 2016CIT Canberra

Please contact Bizmatrix to find out about upcoming Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service training dates.

This course covers Service Type A Gas Appliances and enables students to apply for a Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service upon completion. It is also nationally recognised. Chat to one of our team members today about this training program and how it will benefit you. Call the office on 1300 588 749 or email info@bizmatrix.com.au


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