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Short-Term Trends in the Gas Industry

Short-Term Trends in the Gas Industry

When it comes to the outlook for the gas industry, there are many uncertainties such as the competition with other energy sources, fluctuations in prices and the economic slowdown. However, there are some favourable factors for natural-gas supplies and demands to show a sustainable growth within the industry. If you are thinking about gas training in Brisbane, you may also want to consider a restricted gas service course with the additional Caravan Certification unit.

In the industrial area, there is the Type B industrial gas appliance course.

This qualification is required for persons required to Install, service and commission Type B gas appliances.

The Type B gas qualification or authorisation is a sort after qualification for tradespeople want to work in the LNG industry in Gladstone or in the every growing gas sector. The Type B gas qualifications enables the up skilling of fitters, electricians, Electrical Engineers, plumbers/gasfitters, instrument technicians and trades people with more job opportunities within the energy sectors.

Gas Consumption and Supply

CEDIGAZ has issued provisional results that show an increase in the use of natural gas by 2.5 per cent in the past year. This growth stems mainly from the Asian market and the growth trend of the gas industry is expected to continue there for at least the next three years. Asia is expected to account for nearly half the growth within the gas industry.

When it comes to general supply, North America is leading the way with the most supply of natural gas. The reason for this is that the revolution for unconventional gasses has been underway for quite some time and has helped strengthen North America’s global leadership role. Reserves of gas from the world have increased by around 2.5 per cent each year for the past five years. As of 2012, the reserves have continued to be on the rise. OPEC nations hold nearly half of all the reserves of natural gas, but currently only represent around 18 per cent of production globally.

Low Key Trends

There are some low-key trends of the gas industry that must be noted as well. International trade expansion has started to slow down, especially in the gas market of Europe, which is the main trading area of the world. The discrepancies in prices have emphasised imbalances throughout the regions and this trend continues to grow.

Proven gas reserves from the main producing countries of Europe including the Netherlands, Norway, and the United Kingdom, has been on the decline in the past few years. While production of natural gas showed better performance in 2012, mainly due to North America, the volumes from 2012 were still lower than those from previous years.

While overall, using gas for energy is slowly being eased out, it still remains a large energy source for most of the world. For this reason, it is important to make sure you become certified in both gas and electricity when considering a position in the energy field.


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