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The Best Gas and Electrical Apps!

The Best Gas and Electrical Apps!

Do you have a smart phone? With all the choices of technology available, gas and electrical personnel should make the most of it and take advantage of the wide range of apps available. Here are our favourite gas and electrical apps to assist you onsite and make your work more productive.



Oil & Gas – News

The FREE LOGA Oil & Gas App for the iPhone offers latest news and coverage of the oil & gas industry from a local & national perspective. Stay up to date of current events and newsworthy information.

Cost: Free

oil and gas news

By Synaptor Pty Ltd

Manage health, safety, and environmental risk in real time. The app “Observations” will bring you answers and information regarding a wide range of topics including ladders and trestles, manual handing, and more.

Cost: Free

gas and electrical apps

My Measures & Dimensions PRO
By SIS d.o.o.

My Measures helps you figure out and store object dimensions, which is great to use when you’re onsite and may not have a note book or pen available to write down dimensions. To use app, simply take a photo and add arrows, angles, text or notes.

Cost: $3.99

gas and electrical apps

Invoice2go for iPad
By Invoice2go.com

Invoice2go is the fast and easy way to invoice, estimate, bill, collect and report. Storing information, you can access your invoicing details from your iPad easily and quickly.

Cost: $14.99

Do you have a favourite app that helps increase your productivity? These four gas and electrical apps are extremely helpful for you to keep in the know, note down information and look up quick facts. Comment below with your favourite apps that help increase your productivity when working onsite!


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