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The future is here restricted electrical for electrical motor bikes

The future is here restricted electrical for electrical motor bikes

If you have ever wondered about the future of some trades, recently while travelling in Europe, in the city if Milan- Italy, I notice these two electrical motor cycles displayed in the front window of a department store.

Additionally, we witness several of these electric motor bikes on the road, with several charging stations situated around the city. It has been over 18 years since I visited the city of Milan, back then if you wanted to drive your car into the city, only certain numbers plates could go on certain days. Today it seems that the Italians have now banned vehicle with  diesel engines/ over 7 years old or old technology. And it is now virtually impossible to have a vehicle in many of the cities, due to the banning of most vehicles except taxis and with limitations on who can access the city during the peak times or certain days.

So it seems, the Italians in Milan may have no choice but to get an electrical vehicle ( Tesla )  or a more economical option could be an electric motor bike.  It maybe difficult to predict the future for certain trades, one thing is for certain, there will be a need for the restricted electrical licence,  as it is a licence that is connected to any trade where you need to do incidental electrical work.

When a plumber gas needs to repair, service or disconnect / reconnect hot water units or gas appliances. So where would electric cars and or motor bike repairs lay, I suggest it would be covered under two or three different trades and maybe a new trade not even invented yet.

Mechanical fitters, would be able to do the repairs on electrical vehicles and would require a restricted electrical licence for the possibly the replacement of the motors and or fitting plugs and leads and the repairs of the charging systems.

Motor mechanics would move from the combustion engine to the electric engine and the same would possible need a restricted electrical for the motors, power supplies and plugs. Or it could be an appliance repairer or electrical vehicle repairer. Or you may only need the qualifications / training to be qualified to complete the repairs and installations as the voltages maybe less than 50 Vac or 110Vac , where there is no need for a restricted electrical licence. One thing is for certain, having a qualification or trade with electrical or a restricted electrical licence – will help with securing you with a future trade that won’t become redundant.

If you would like to more about how to get a Restricted electrical licence – Test and tag competency or what courses are available go to Bizmatrix restricted electrical courses or call us directly on the office mobile 0457 595 888 and one of friendly team members will assist you.


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