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The Importance of up skilling

The Importance of up skilling

Why up-skill?

Up-skilling is simply about building your knowledge in your field or a new field, to increase you potential. It can also have a positive effect in building your motivation to work, through understanding your industry more and opening up new doors in your business or organisation.

Sole trader:

If you’re a sole trader, up skilling is important to keep your knowledge current and up to date in your field. The industry can be a fiercely competitive place, therefore if you don’t stay on top of your trade it is easy to fall behind. Through up skilling, you are broadening your skill set resulting in opening yourself up to more opportunities, to offer your client the highest level of customer service and work. Barnett explains, “If businesses and their clients have the expectation that they will grow, they need to invest in people. Therefore, up skilling is a survival strategy for our businesses and also for our country” (Reference Magazines Today).

As an employer:

Up skilling your staff is a technique to expand your reach and build your productivity from staff. For example you can do onsite interviews, or questioning of staff to find out more about their untapped abilities and interests that you may not have previously been aware of. Otherwise if you ask employees to cross skill and spend the day training employees in other departments about their field, to improve on them, areas like management, and safety calls are a great department to start in. Another method is to have six monthly online training courses for staff to take part in. This is a quick and easy way to build their knowledge and understanding, with less investment of your time as an employer.

If you’re interested in pursuing a trade or up skilling contact Bizmatrix now – it is never too late to start in the trade industry and build your career.

Email us at info@bizmatrix.edu.au or call 133 588 749.


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