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Tradie Tips: 7 Ways You Can Get Noticed At Work

Tradie Tips: 7 Ways You Can Get Noticed At Work

Brad Pitt is a household name these days, but what you might not have been aware of is that he began his career as the ‘Partygoer’ in the 1987 film Less Than Zero. Now that’s an awesome example of how far a strong first impression on the job can bring you. When I found out this little piece of information, it sparked my ideas towards how to get yourself noticed in the workplace. Here are my seven tips to get noticed in the workplace, or even by your clients.


Just Be You!

This is a painfully obvious point, however being your authentic self is a guaranteed way to make a mark. Get away from trying to fit in your boxed idea of perfection. You have a specific skill set that will benefit your employer, so don’t shy away from this and try to be someone you’re not.

Focus on the Solution

Consider what is missing and figure out what you can to do fill that in. Richard Branson said  “A great problem-solver is usually open to new ideas, innately curious and good at working with others… [and] above all, terrific listening skills are essential.” So spend some time listening to your colleagues and your clients and get creative.

No business is perfect, so instead of focusing on the problem, think about the solution and what you can do to fix it.


Speak Up

Whether it’s a team meeting or simply communication between you and your manager. Often people are too scared to speak up and let others know what they really think. The only way a business can improve and move forward is through the input of its team. If you have ideas, get noticed and speak up!


Dress the Part

Studies have found that 55% of the impact we make comes from the way we dress and make an entrance. When you’re going to a job, this is particularly important for the clients that you are meeting. Otherwise, if it’s in the office, you need to put yourself into the mindset of who you are and what you do.

Don’t underestimate this.


Learn Along the Way

Perhaps your current job isn’t quite what you dreamed of doing, maybe it’s more of a bridge between roads. Whatever the case, use every experience to learn as much as you can. Take time to evolve your skills, even if it’s not necessarily within the trade or field you want to specialise in. You will become much more well-versed and have a better understanding of other roles.


Go Beyond the Nine to Five 

Okay, okay, don’t get me wrong. I encourage my team to follow the ‘work smarter not harder’ principle whenever they can. But consider when you are at your most creative. For me, before I go to sleep, my mind is going wild, filling with ideas propelling me to stay awake.


So I began to use this time as ‘creative writing’ time where I come up with articles (like this!). Just because during your standard working day you may find yourself struggling to get creative, consider times outside of working hours for inspiration.



Ask But Don’t Expect

I used to have an old friend who wasn’t quite happy with his work situation. There was something missing, or something playing on his mind. This is when I came up with the ‘ask but don’t expect’ concept.

So many people live their lives, day in, day out, and don’t really ever aim for something bigger.

Let me tell you if it’s a promotion, a pay rise or simply a Wednesday off a month to spend time with the family – If you don’t ask, you won’t get anything. However again, something else I see all too often is that people associate asking with expecting. If you begin to take on an attitude that every time you ask for something, you will receive it, you may find yourself frustrated and upset over the outcome.

So take this advice carefully: Ask, but don’t expect.

With these tips, you can work to get noticed in the workplace or even between your clients. Do you have any others that I’ve missed?


Darrel Vecchio


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